South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play! Review -

South Park Let’s Go Tower Defense Play! Review

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  1. hey guys first off it dose not look like this guy really figed out the game so you cant take his word for it i guess all i could say to those of you who have not played the game yet to just download the trial on xbox live arcade and for those of you who have played and want to get better message my account : SouthPark LGTDP (im the best) . and about the 4-player thing, you do not need anyone more then yourself. you can switch from character to character with the right bumper

  2. we need a free roam 3d south park game!!! that would be so funny and epic!!!

  3. 7.0 …….A bit harsh.If you cant handle cycling through characters then i guess your a TIMMY!.But if you remember who you choose in what order then your sweet.
    A South Park Beat em up would be cool! 😀

  4. There going to be another game on xbox live called tenormens revenge

  5. @xZany69x You are in luck check this out 😀 gamestop.(com)/ps3/games/south-park-the-game/98586

  6. This game is amazing , had it for over a year and STILL addicted to the online play. You're past getting the top trophy, after that its about getting bigger scores. If you're interested in reaching the top of the leaders ( like i am – top 100 ive reached so far :D) add my gamertag : Slackhahn. Asking all of you, who is your MOST favourite top four?
    Mines is…Kyle,Craig,Kenny and Wendy.
    or Kyle craig kenny and jimmy.

  7. IGN fucks up alot. They said that skullgirls was a ps3 excusive which made people say that they wouldnt buy it and they said that if it didnt sell well, they would only do the first 2 dlc they already promised and no more…

  8. I'm thinking of downloading this, but is it possible to play 4 player on Xbox Live? And do people actually go on it or will I be searching for a game for hours?

  9. Just mentioning as of now, i was playing my bfs account ( slackhahn) , and we broke up. I will no longer be playing my favourite tower defense game of all time. I dont miss the relationship.

    but i sure as hell miss this game.

  10. no the best character is chef or cartman or randy

  11. Just got this on live… its kind of awsome-o

  12. surprised there's not an evil turkey wave of attackers or aliens or cows for that matter… they have truly forgotten their roots

  13. This is a great game, I wish they'd make this and Tenorman Revenge's backwards compatible.

  14. This would be awesome for a mobile game 🙂
    without microtransactions that is 😉

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