Solo Wanderer's Library with SNIPER BUILD SCP Tower Defense Roblox -

Solo Wanderer’s Library with SNIPER BUILD SCP Tower Defense Roblox

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Solo Wanderer’s Event with SNIPER BUILD SCP Tower Defense Roblox
Scrolling through on Roblox and saw SCP Tower defense and wanted to make a video! I find this game to be very fun and I really like the coffee machine XD. If you haven’t played it yet GO PLAY NOW :). I hope everyone is having a wonderful day and take care!

SCP Tower Defense –


Outro song : Future Speak – guestroom.

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  1. i tried it and lost to a VANGUARD LOL

  2. this strat is outdated like the rest bro. I've followed the entire thing step by step and it aint working.

  3. but we cant do this anymore bc of scp cap limit

  4. Congrats on 5.1k I’ve been watching you since 2.1k

  5. Can you do a exp farm pls to level up fast and easy

  6. Maybe bc if the new update it’s not working anymore

  7. Bro help me in the wanderer event mi name is Rey_pantera1234 pls 🙁

  8. The black queen has lesser hp then terminatetor

  9. "Haha Get back on the track bozo!" always gets me LOL

  10. How did you do that so easily… 😭

  11. Who can I use instead of red right hand?

  12. After 4 months or more,I have finally found a strat to do,I was searching for help but no.

  13. game: its fudging annoying to have tickle monster on cliff units lemme nerf that one

  14. Just a question… is blood necessary for this build or just equip his gadget for fun and giggles?

  15. whenever me and my friends did wanderer's library the only thing that really stood out to us was the fact that our coffee machine freaking tanked every stun

  16. is it possible to do it with O5 (same loadout but instead of RRH you place O5)?

    edit: yes u can, i won without any problems (expect clone)

  17. Why do you prefer the og coffee machine skin

  18. Thanks! Your tutorial for got a wanderer is Good!

  19. how do i beat zk if i dont have very good towers and have no friends to help me?

  20. Hey, can I change the Blood of Red Lake with the Cryogenic Core?

  21. Aye does this still work? Just asking since i keep dying at around wave 9 and i'm not really doing anything wrong

  22. Idk what I am doing different but I lose every time with this loadout. Even when using the gadgets a little different I lose 🙁

  23. With Red Lake being 300 more of those special coins (I forgot them, srry), some amateurs/ones that tend to have difficulty getting the aforementioned gadget to reimprovise… But hopefully… HOPEFULLY with the same loadout things can go right.

  24. I hate the fact you got skins which makes it hard to see their level

  25. does this tactic still work? i would like to try it since i just got my RRH.

  26. wait what happens if scrambler swaps the areas and ur cliff towers go on ground :O or a normal unit on cliff

  27. Blood hunter спавнит ежей но почему они у меня не спавнят это с чемто связано

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