SOLO Only Golden Towers Normal Mode Roblox Tower Defense Simulator -

SOLO Only Golden Towers Normal Mode Roblox Tower Defense Simulator

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SOLO Only Golden Towers Normal Mode Roblox Tower Defense Simulator.

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Tower Defense Simulator is a game about defending a base from zombies. Hordes of zombies are trying to get to your base. It gets harder with each wave. There are many maps and modes in TDS. You can play one, two, three, four or eight. You will need to pump your level and buy fighters to defend the base. As you increase your level, you will have access to new maps, modes and units. There are easy maps and newbie modes. But there are also very difficult ones on which you can test yourself. You can play with people from all over the world.

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  1. gold pyro range then; im blind
    gold pyro range now; i can see the space

    edit; 0:48 0:56

  2. Max arcade farm si gold so you should have gotten that

  3. Minigunner: The boss of Shredder
    Cowboy: Kills zombies and gives cash
    Pyromancer: Kills you faster
    Crook boss: Being bossy and spawning guards
    Soldier: Less useless than crap pyro
    All of this are the purpose of the tower
    LOL also forgot than normal mode is a pressure cooker

  4. Ana Cláudia Bezerra de Melo Cavalcanti says:


  5. When you have bloxy commander :
    🏆y e s🏆

  6. ummmm golden crook boss do you have that skin or not

  7. Wheres the scout?? I mean i would think scout is better then most other gold towers

  8. You know why people wants golden scout because they have epic duet pistols

  9. Nice you beat the hardest mode in the game

  10. Some people will say pyro is the worst one out of all of them but they forget that its OP for Early Defense Gold soldier is the worst 1 out of all of them the reason why is that 1, it has Broken Maxed level Gun 2, its not realy good at Early-mid-late waves like the Actual soldier which is that its not good at being a Early Defense tower and in later waves when more OP towers are placed its just there not doing any significate things

  11. Golden scout being left out:oh so pyro is better then me >:| I'm one of the third strongest of the golden units

  12. Me when I was watching this: YOOOO CAN I HAVE SOME OF THAT RNG?!

  13. Bruh you placed golden soilder at start like PLACE A SCOUT AT START

  14. Golden towers do:

    Scout/Soldier : Good for early game
    Pyro : Good at spreading damage (It can kill mystery enemies easily)
    Cowboy : Semi farm
    Crookboss : Good support tower (It can spawn Henchmen)
    Minigunner : Good overall tower (GOOD AT EVERYTHING)

  15. I soloed fallen with golden cowboy before hardcore

  16. Golden tower:
    Scout,soldier,mini,crook boss,cowboy,pyro and commander.

  17. I wish they added u know golden farms

  18. Man ur so smart ur using cowboy for farm that’s a smart guy

  19. You should have chose golden scout instead of golden pyro

  20. You did not use golden scout A.k.a. the best golden skin

  21. Instead of power you should’ve used golden scout

  22. My tower

    Military base
    My levels 36

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