Solo New ZK Class Gamemode SCP Tower Defense -

Solo New ZK Class Gamemode SCP Tower Defense

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Solo New ZK Class Gamemode SCP Tower Defense.

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Welcome to SCP Tower Defense! Recruit Foundation men, elite MTF units, crazy SCP devices or even non-hostile SCPs to aid in your battle against the Scarlet King and his army..

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  1. Just wow I played this and it was unfair

  2. Guys!!! Why Frost Beast in ZK?

  3. Commander, Crook Boss, Minigunner, Militant says:


  4. Among. Us. :Thumbnail :Edit And also I can tell this will be like wanders libary all over again

  5. Nice video you are pro and you are cool you are my favorite youtuber

  6. ok so… seems like it's impossible to solo this, unless you bring a dps tower instead of 999 which is probably a terrible idea

  7. maybe using goc instead of specter is better because goc is a range tower so those enemy can't kill it

  8. []The.Chaos.Insurgency[] [Division Red Devil's] says:

    "zk or hell" 💀
    I hate that game mode

  9. fun fact

    sniper once worked for the SCP foundation he quit because of how crazy it was and now regrets leaving the foundation to work as a merc every now and then.

  10. Zk class is hard but I'm new to this game but xk is hard for me

  11. Here's a tip:u see scarlet king doesn't use scarlet Beam very often lemme explain scarlet beam u see is a move where scarlet king can kill towers and a group of towers if u place a group of towers close all of the towers that are in the group will be gone or a simple word seller also use your brain very often scarlet king has 1 million health also tickle and city can make 90% damage boost keep that in mind with city and tickle can make red right hand rrh maxed will have 2000+thank me later

  12. Only problems I have with this video is ads are on and has skins on so you can tell what hes doing

  13. I p,ayed this and it literally feels impossible

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