Solo insane mode (Critical Tower Defense) -

Solo insane mode (Critical Tower Defense)

jojork 28
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Yes auto skip was on during all the game and ik the time was not the best but it was good for solo insane #criticaltowerdefense


  1. Funny thing if you do not have phantom you probably can't solo insane

  2. Me when seeing someone have good Strat
    But need event tower that i don't have

  3. Your tower color look same like gummy from bee swarm simulator lol

  4. For those who dont have phantom or any towers in this vid, you can always look for a teamate that have those towers and do this strat

  5. I rlly want soul master

    One time I got to last wave but the boss stunned all the towers and used his shield bruh

  6. The perk of soul master is changed soul master early and mid to mid and late

  7. Good job dude. Although I have a question: Why are vindictive souls good? You're leaking more stuff at the start than when I use the normal version in the same placement.

  8. What about miner you had the max slots you could have equip miner with the more slots then Normal

  9. What is the color code of your tower it looks so good!

  10. The Sorcerer is weak beacuse he only gets his high HP from his shield.

  11. canu pls make s strat solo insane wihout phantom i dont have it in the pahtnom event times i was jut s a noob i get pphet and cyborg when black oredal aded

  12. People who don't have phantom:
    Well I guess I'll go touch grass then.

  13. How I can increase amount of perks that I can use in game? I just noticed that u have 2 equipped perks 🤔

  14. Technically the starts not a ‘’guaranteed win’’ because it matters on rng and yes u can’t solo with starter towers like ninja and warrior but I would say it matters on rng

    Anyways even if it is Gus rng it also matters on where you place it but don’t expect the strategy to ‘’work’’

  15. Build: Prophet,Jug,priest,Cyborg,Thief
    You can Add more If U has 6 slot
    Can Beat Hard and Normal
    40+ Needed Cus Needed Blood Money And Jug Perk

  16. Everytime i do insane I either loose to master rushers or soul boss but me and my friend have vindictive souls and we got a soul boss to 1649 and we loss to it

  17. I wouldnt recommend equipping vindicitive souls because its really bad at crowd control,but if your trying to do good damage then get vindicitive souls

  18. You can put mercenaries to buff troops

  19. I always get jealous when someone has phantom or dumpster fire

  20. you can do it without fantom,with frigid ruin

  21. Did u get mad cuz sorcerer spammed critical entities?

  22. Is there anything that can replace phantom?

    Edit: for example it could be like gunner with Ultraburst

  23. Bee swarm simulator gumdrops pack XDDDDDDDDDDDD

  24. For everyone who says you can replace phantom with frigid.

    1. Frigid won't do any meaningful damage until pretty far into the mid game, making it horrendus for leaks until then.
    2. It debuffs towers.
    3. It doesn't work as a slowdown option.
    4. You can't use any perks with it, so kiss goodbye to catseye or blood money.

  25. i attempted to solo insane mode with no 5th slot ;-;

  26. Lol they literally took one of dungeon quests ost music

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