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[Solo Hardcore] Beating Wave 25 No DJ/No Commander || Tower Defense Simulator

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tried to beat this way too many times lol

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  1. I don't have gold mini but can I still win with normal mini

  2. I think we just have to accept that hardcore is our fate. We have already lose the battle so don't mind resist the striking force after you recruited accelerator for cough cough 2500 gems, HARDCORE IS A FRAUD

  3. RGB - Roblox Reports, Gaming and Building says:

    23rd because yes

  4. nice if you skipped fast enough you could of gotten to wave 29/30

  5. If we do it with 4 players the same thing u did same loadouts same amount of what u placed u might get above wave 30

  6. could’ve gotten further if you had gotten more minigunners

  7. Oye egg se que no vas a leer esto pero tengo una idea i si en la ronda 50 pones algunos minis en la parte de más atrás para que en el momento donde haya spam de souls estés preparado para matarlos obviamente es una idea o ya lo habrás hecho

  8. the old wave 46 strat is possible again
    i saved a screenshot of it

  9. What are those purple thingy enemies that are more faster?

  10. Egg question do you have to have gold mini for this to work or can it be classic mini

  11. I managed to farm for a lvl 3 golden minigunner and a maxed one with a lvl 2 commander but placed them in the back. I beated the 3 shadow bosses but died to leads and rushers too.

  12. 2days ago someone beat hardcore even tho its impossible i screenshot it

  13. EGGRYPTED, I looked at thee hardcore badge and saw 4 PEOPLE had beaten hardcore

  14. That doesn't matter cus I found a strat now for hardcore thruimph

  15. Void reaver gotta get nerfed, back to 600k hp. And stop spawning souls so much.

  16. Thx for the help now ima save this first because ima grind for g crate and wish me luck to get g mini

  17. wikicolors prooved that hardcore is possible can you try again?

  18. Thanks I can use this as a strat I got golden mini in my first crate and I already got the others troops 😀

  19. Should I grind for golden crates first before accelerator?

  20. no this cant be!!!! my strat has been beat!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  21. egg I have an idea why don't you put the 3 golden minigunners near the base entrance


  23. Welp nice thing i got golden mini yesterday on my first golden create which is very poggers

  24. To do this first you need luck at golden crate and second you need luck for the rng in mystery waves

  25. can i use minigun but i dont have golden

  26. I got to wave 27 one time, out of like 7-10 no golden

  27. Managed to get to wave 32 with this strat, died to Shadow Bosses, I just spammed tanks and then place more minis

  28. The guy who watch this video after getting accelerator :

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