SOLO Golden Mafia and Military Bases Roblox Tower Defense Simulator -

SOLO Golden Mafia and Military Bases Roblox Tower Defense Simulator

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SOLO Golden Mafia and Military Bases Roblox Tower Defense Simulator.

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  1. thank you dude finally i got badge normal thx

  2. Σωτηρης Κουρδουκλας says:

    My eys hurt when I saw this golden crook boss in the….

  3. I even got a skin for crook boss as so…

  4. You:video for we do only miilitary base and gold mafia: and also you pick miilitary base mafia and farm:
    :me:B R U H

  5. fun fact: golden mafia (golden crook boss that spawns his minions) has more DPS than militant

  6. Why place a golden mafia there when it can attack dude?

  7. When i saw the crook boss Logo i was like. "So im the only one. That has a Missing Picture on that crook boss huh?"

  8. ay a mafia killed an shadow boss hahhahahahahahh

  9. lf you have golden mini and golden crook boss and commander and dj and accel you can win normal mode i won normal mode on solo

  10. All I know is crook boss use to have 6 placement limit which means in total 11 towers were placed and 9 placed if only placement of for crook

  11. If mecha base can obtained in the game, this will be ez win

  12. Comment on this if you think they should bring back gladiator but make a new mode and you have to get like emeralds to get it

  13. I thought he uses the crook boss (golden) but instead he puts on the edge and the minions spawn lol

  14. you come up with very creative ideas. I like it

  15. hey remember when crook spawn his minion without limit?now it only spawn 2 at max and 8 if all 4 place

  16. Are we just gonna ignore the fact that he did this on normal mode?

  17. What is the point off putting the crook boss there? The max crook boss can do some good damage

  18. Alternate title: beating without doing any damage

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