Solo fallen with ONLY 10 TOWERS!?? | Tower Defense Simulator (ROBLOX) -

Solo fallen with ONLY 10 TOWERS!?? | Tower Defense Simulator (ROBLOX)

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Pls like sub and star code e to make up for it…
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  1. Bro i had 6 bosses in my solo match i somehow survived idk how but i almost died tho (also won the match)

  2. elite Retro TDS they a technoblade tower and the code is technoblade neverdies to get the tower


    Hey Elite, today is a very sad day a guy named "Technoblade" has died if you don't know who he is, he is a person who plays Minecraft hypixel with 10.5M Subscribers, Btw RTDS( Retro Tower Defense Simulator) added a new code which is TechnobladeNeverDies it will give you a Technoblade tower which is basically old Gladiator but better and also reskinned..

    F For techno on the chat


    One of the best things about dude is that he never takes credit for himself when he achieves something. He always respect us, the audience, and his team, and he is always polite in all of his videos. We congratulate ourselves on this achievement. More to come and everything to come 💞💞

  5. It was definitely winnable but since of the weird targeting on accel you would probably need to sell and replace when fallen kings about to spawn it’s troops or they’ll just keep shooting fallen king

  6. I have 1k gems and I need 1.5k more to get accel brush
    I'm wanting to do an Accelerator only challenge for myself;-;

  7. Elite, Reto tds made a code tower called Techno, its bc technoblade passed away ( rest in peace) and its like gladiator. The code is TechnobladeNeverDies

  8. “Technoblade never dies” A legend in never died till he has been forgotten. fly high my man…

  9. now do the same… but with 5. (mabe not fallen as its basically unbeatable so i would do molten or normal)

  10. I regret wasting robux on the game the devs haven’t even touched the game in 15 days they need to update the game more

  11. I have a new farm strat. Get 1 level 1 farm and wait. As soon as possible get a level 2.

  12. Technoblade never dies… Goodbye my friend 🐷
    Copy and paste this all over the place let techno's spirit explore youtube for his last.

  13. Hey, i know im kinda late but theres a cool game named "phantasma" it's a tower defense, it's really well made but it has low players, i hope you try out the game and read this comment.

  14. For a second I thought you meant 10 tower slots

  15. Don't worry about the end lol, it happens to the best of us

  16. did you know if you do molten with exe you can upgrade it twice and save for accel when the boss comes

  17. Reminds me of beating chimps with only 2 tower chimps trust me

  18. Well i am impressed. You are capable of beating me with 150,000 hp wile only using 10 towers… CONGRATS!

  19. play retro tds and use code TechnobladeNeverDies for the technoblade tower it like gladiotor and im not a furry just saying

  20. Farm:money
    Guy with a rifle:makes loud sound
    Dj:plays music

  21. Challenge: You cant buy the last tier of towers making up for a difficult challange, however i believe that you win.

  22. Rest in peace TechnoBlade

    Hater's can hate how people are spamming this in every comment section but still he is a true legend and deserves respect and im jusy sad because he is not with us rn

  23. I aish except retro tds they add techno on tds

  24. Elite just go to settings the tds settings and lower the towers volume

  25. I put alot of militant and its make my ears burniing

  26. I got a combo for you use shotgunner and militant and some supports and farm

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