So I tried speedrunning Bloons Tower Defense 4 and created the perfect synergy -

So I tried speedrunning Bloons Tower Defense 4 and created the perfect synergy

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Bloons TD 4 is the first step into modern Bloons games. Along with that, it makes a really good speedrun. Here’s the experience of stacking way too many boomerang monkeys and a tiny place, all for the sake of speed.

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Watch the rank 31 world record speedrun here:

My channel generally focuses on a more casual side of speedruns. With these videos I want to show off cool speedruns, explain how they work, and entertain. Hopefully you enjoy the content and maybe even take up speedrunning yourself, because it is truly a lot of fun!

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  1. i used your strat and it is the best strat for bloons td 4

  2. Lol dont know why I didnt saw this video. Because of your first attempt I came back to the game and speedrun it. It felt nice to beat you and get the wr. Now im far behind the wr and happy that you beat me back to back 😀

  3. Your placement of stuff is weird. Instead of adding more super monkeys in the radar zone, you place them across the map and have to buy another radar. And then you buy a stupid amount of boomerang monkeys instead of getting more super monkeys

  4. All my homies hate it when the monkeys can’t detect camels

  5. Round 90, sell the banana farms, and a couple super monkeys, make 2 or 3 sun gods…..

  6. this is the first actual good btd game. btd4 is litchuly my childhood

  7. So much BM talk thrown around in 0:38 that's awesome I love Boomerang Monkey

  8. im REALY HAPPY you played this i played this since i was 3 (dont ask why my parents let me) and me and my friends would play it for hours thhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhx

  9. If I recall correctly, the banana farms take up more space after they've been upgraded, so if you place them all AND THEN upgrade them, you should be able to fit one or two more in

  10. great videos man do u have any recommendations on how to play older ninja kiwi games i got the archive ninja kiwi on steam but i need a flash player thats not just for browsers

  11. 1:47
    I did not know camels are in this game! The more you know. 🤣😂

  12. Am I the only one who says "mobe" instead of "mo hep"?

  13. I’m disappointed you didn’t use the best tower in the game… the buccaneers

  14. once i got to around round 85-90 and i wasnt paying attention and i died

  15. Gatling monkey is best
    Also sniper
    Fill screen
    No escape

  16. Use the Spike factories, that got me far in the game

  17. looks like the aspect ratio of an early ipod.

  18. Could you imagine in the bloons universe, the sheer volume of helium that would be in their planet's atmosphere?

    Earth would be a gas giant.

  19. No matter how strong your computer is bloons 4 will ALWAYS LAG

  20. The way he fucks up the angle on the first boomerang monkey makes me so fucking mad

  21. Dude this game is my fav once you get to round 121 the game crashes

  22. "Its basically just an emergency escape batten"

  23. How do the art styles change so much between BTD 4/5, then BTD 5/6?

  24. strategy:
    -boomerang monke unlock

    -boomerang monke



  25. shout out to the dart monkey who was never upgraded

  26. this shit was my jam in school! loved this game.

  27. I just saw an insane ad for anytime fitness where I guy in a wheelchair did a chin up WITH HIS WHEEL CHAIR I thought they weighed like, ten kilos, anyway install into meta

  28. in the crazygames version dying lets you bug to the finish hence i am the true speedrunner for doing it B)

  29. It’s really all about the tack shooters and mortors. The ring of fire is by far the most efficient final tower in the game. A dozen or so of those plus the triple mortors and whirlwind wizards is unstoppable lol

  30. we copied your strat! in a friendly way 🙂

  31. noob all towers can hit camos just not see them

  32. This one was weird i don’t have any nostalgia for this game

  33. I feel like before I picked up btd6, I had the most hours of my life for the longest time sunk into btd5, but god if btd4 isn't the one I think is most nostalgic and I think back to most fondly. I totally forgot about the Jedi monkeys tho lol.

  34. The damb new zealanders artificially nerfed my little boomerang

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