So I decided to speedrun Bloons Tower Defense 1 and the nostalgia hit hard -

So I decided to speedrun Bloons Tower Defense 1 and the nostalgia hit hard

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Speedrunning Bloons Tower Defense is a complete nostalgia trip. The game used to be so much simpler but it still makes for a really cool speedrun. It is difficult to execute the speedrun perfectly, but makes for a fun experience to try. It’s definitely going to be an interesting trip through memory lane while doing speedruns of all the Bloons TD games.

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Watch the glitchless world record run here:
Watch the world record with glitches here:

My channel generally focuses on a more casual side of speedruns. With these videos I want to show off cool speedruns, explain how they work, and entertain. Hopefully you enjoy the content and maybe even take up speedrunning yourself, because it is truly a lot of fun! Step into the future of entertainment at the amazing digital circus gangle, an online extravaganza that transcends the ordinary. Explore a surreal universe where cute characters navigate a digital landscape, battling personal traumas with humor and resilience.

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  1. eazyspeezy: we have so much money
    me looking at the cash 57$

  2. The title should be "So I decided to play Bloons Tower Defense 1 totally normally, and for the first time"

  3. At my school this is th only blooms game you can play on a rip off website

  4. how do i play this game the oldest version

  5. The glitched one looks like they're placing so many towers at once that its able to trick the game and let them overspend, so the money goes negative. Then it counts down, which is it becoming closer to 0, then it hits 0 and you're back to profiting

  6. Bloons started as a trajectory game, actually!

  7. Hey, i'm a Brazilian fan. What speedrun Tool you use?

  8. Every Tower sucked except for ice ball only true balloons tower defense OG's remember ice ball before it got turned into disgusting monkey sorry but I don't like ice monkeys design including all of its upgrades ice ball was better in my opinion bomb shooter and Tack shooter are also good Towers

  9. The reason the money was going down was because the tack shooter was upgraded a few hundred times, causing it to make you overdrawn. Therefore, when you pop a bloon, your money gets closer to 0, until you have a normal amount of money.

  10. Best guess on the glitch run. I bet you he bought so many that his money went negative and needed to count back up but didn't display his negative

  11. " i loved playing bloons 5"

  12. I have played bloons 1 2 5 and 6 but never 4 or 3

  13. Bro at the end that was just a retro tack zone

  14. I remember playing flash games at school, if you were caught in class the admin would block that website. I used to only play them when I knew I could do it, and have to hit F11 to hide my address bar so people couldn’t get the website banned. They banned Google once, someone searched for questionable content, and the admin must just hit a button instead of checking and we used Bing instead.

  15. Me when i play bloons TD games: This Video

  16. i acctualy before the video starts i saw a btd battles 2 ad

  17. Anybody else heard his voice crack near the start of the video? XD

  18. Can we all agree that BTD 5 is the best version graphics, playability and sound wise? I also think that the Sniper Monkey rocks, man I've had those guys do a lot of work over the years!

  19. I understand the sense of "Return to monke." now

  20. Red Bloons is little fast and blue is a little strong and fast

  21. Where did u play the old bloons td games aka bloons 1 2 3 4?

  22. Hey why you dont tried to speed run ballon adventure time td?

  23. the reason the tack shooter attacks so fast is because if you press tab multiple times you can get into the upgrade menu and if you press enter on an upgrade you can buy it multiple times while also putting you into negative money

  24. 8:39 Flash is dead unfortunately so we can’t use Ninja Kiwi.

    Ninja Kiwi Archive: dude I exist!

  25. "the nostalgia hits hard" says the title of a video where you say you've never played this game before now

  26. The glotch is that the tack shooter has the speed upgrade stacked and the player has negative money

  27. Btd1 self for 560 Btd1 scratch version SELL TOWER

  28. Nice glitch, you need use Tab to upgrade and click enter multiple times 😎

  29. never played this game so its gonna be nostalgic

  30. the tower placements was so painful to watch rme

  31. the super monkey is trash, it costs 4k and isn't even worth half the price.

  32. to do the glitch, right click on something you can place on, then move you're mouse to anywhere, e.g track, then left click, then, use tab to move about the menu, hold enter if you get to the upgrade you thing you need to get, and it buys it no matter you're money, its how his money had gone back, they havent added a – icon to the money tho

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