Single Target vs Multi Target Inferno Tower - Clash of Clans -

Single Target vs Multi Target Inferno Tower – Clash of Clans

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Single Target Inferno tower vs Multi Target Inferno Tower in Clash of Clans (COC). Inferno Towers are one of the best defenses in Clash of Clan. Inferno tower has 2 modes, Single and Multi target mode. We will be comparing Multi Target and Single Target inferno in COC!

The Inferno Tower is a defensive building unlocked at Town Hall level 10, that shoots a stream of flame that burn through even the thickest armor. It can be set to single-target or multi-target.

The Inferno Tower was added in the May 23rd, 2013 update that added Town Hall level 10. It had 2 levels and only single target mode. The December 2013 update gave the Inferno Tower the multi target mode.

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  1. Imo this compare is not fair. It is a rear situation, where only one inferno is "fighting" against bunch of archers, barbars, etc. You should compare them while there are other def too. I mean, there are a planty of def with heavy AOE dmg: scatershots, townhall, eagle, mortars (+multi one) bombtowers, wizardtowers and a lot of traps. In this case multi inferno just has a lot of concurrents, which can deal with spam units threat. While singe inferno's only main concurrent, that specialty is the destruction of heavy units (besides seeking air mines and jump trap) is Monolith, which is unlocked on th15. I am not even talking about super units exist. Most of them are just 2-4 regular units combined into one (if we talking only about stats – housing space). Here, obviously, single inferno also better. And, at the end, not all units are being used equally often. Usually it's some kind of Pekka smash, Yeti smash, E-titans Smash, Quinn change Hydra/hybrid. Super Withces or super Bowlers. I am not even talking about e-dragas, literally every casual player uses them. In all those, what's important, popular mixes, the main units are heavy tanks or heroes. In this scenario single inferno also be better, cause it would be able to kill 1-2 pekkas or yetis or titans, which will be better, then hurting some of them, and then they just got healed by spells or healers. So yeah, in my opinion when tou got to th13 and got a hell of amount of AOE dmg def, AND a lot of people using mostly heavy units, single inferno is better option

  2. 😂😂😂 just use what you got cuz of both are good if one defen building is useless why coc dev put in to the game for less space village?

  3. That electro dragon thing happens with me everytime

  4. No hunters, no witches, no bowlers… yeah of course the single is winning

  5. cringy childish comments were a little too much

  6. I remember when the old Inferno tower multi target continuously damage and the only way to stop that is to use freese spell, but now using Heal spell can heal the troops but before you cannot heal the troops with inferno tower multi targer. Correct me if I’m wrong. Tnx

  7. Multi is more dangerous with swarms but but not good with high hitpoint things, single inferno is op against high hitpoint troops but really bad if it gets swarmed. they’re both good in their own ways

  8. Inferno

    Allahumma sholli wa sallim wa baarikh ala Sayyidina Muhammadin wa'ala ali Sayyidina Muhammadin fil awwalin wal aakhirin wa fil mala'il a'laa ilaa Yaumiddin

  9. Lower hitpoint troop can't destroy multiple inferno,but higher hitpoint troop can destroy multiple inferno.
    Anyway, both multiple and single infernos are useful for any base.
    I want to suggest that if you have two inferno towers,you should set single and multiple.

  10. Well since we have a total of 3 inferno tower just get one multi and two mono, destroy everything

  11. Not good comparison , you are using multi inferno against single troop , the real comparison is using more than one troop

  12. Not fair it is base on situation if the target are like balloon. Dragons etc multi is more better and if the targets are like golem ice colem yetti single is more better

  13. Someone please tell me which mod youtubers use for these clash of clans videos, where they can just put any defence and troops etc

  14. Keep them next to each other one on full and other on multi target.

  15. Believe it or not, the single beam does more damage.

  16. both are good at there position there is no comparison

  17. Is there any way you can do 5 inferno vs 5 multi inferno attack each other's than the video will be awesome

  18. I think it all depends on what you are getting attacked with at your TH. If it’s mostly balloons, then go multi, but if it’s something like dragons, or e drags go single.

  19. Who would have thought that multiple troops would be a single target defense

  20. Its actually best to place 1 inf tower on each setting imo. If you space them out it doesn't matter what attack is coming, yes one inf will go down but the 2nd one will melt the attack when it reaches it. When you unlock 3 I would put two on single target spaced out along the left and right of the village and place the one on multi target in the center, or two multi and 1 single.

  21. both tower is okey but i like more single inferno tower then multi

  22. Im th10 and currently multi mode is best for me as i get attacked with Armies that use lots of wizards or witches as main dmg

  23. Somebody tell this guy what single and multi mean…..
    When you attack with multi troops how is single inferno supposed to win
    And when you deploy single troop how is multi inferno supposed to win?

  24. Single target cheated the guy keeps putting him far and for single to close make better one KID

  25. You want to come my clan funnyboy level 2 or come in. Vansh id name

  26. It's entertaining to watch 2 buildings in a game arguing

  27. If you were to go in order of what troop you unlock multi wouldve won. However i like using the single target for taking out tanks and QW

  28. single is good for tank's/strong troops and multi is good for rush'd troops

    edit:so use 1 single and 1 multi neer each other so if a rush troops gets neer it the multi will defend it and if it's a strong troop the single will defeat it

  29. Multi with rage spell is more dangerous than single inferio with rage

  30. I have put One multi and one single next to each other. Works kind of good I guess

  31. Just nice time wasting video for 5 million viewers 😊

  32. Single target is effective in more weightage troops likes ed/dragon/super dragons etccc and its very non efective in witches hog rider and small weightage troops

    Multi target is very effective in small weightage troops witchs hog rider barbarians and all another small weigtage troops and not very effective like ed/dragons

  33. A single shot is more liable for a high HP foe.

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