SECRET "THE LOST SOULS" BADGE, Slaughter Warden Skin SHOWCASE || Tower Defense Simulator -

SECRET “THE LOST SOULS” BADGE, Slaughter Warden Skin SHOWCASE || Tower Defense Simulator

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  1. this sucks, since i dont have golden scout or golden mini i cant get the lost souls badge unless i literally farm for them every day

  2. Bro tf is a wardrn is it a new tower, godamn i got to get bacl to the game

  3. The skin is one of the worst looking in my opinion

  4. This is based off of fnaf because the man of the slaughter is literally purple.. William Afton?

  5. Purple Guy WILLIAM AFTON CONFIRM?!?!!??!???!!??!!?! 😱

  6. Is that harbor? After two years quitting tds it changed?

  7. if no one knows WHICH YOU NEED TO KNOW
    That skin is purple guy, or known as William Afton, Hence the bloody gloves.

  8. insert fnaf man behind the slaughter theme here

  9. i got the badge but i didnt get the skin for some reason

  10. What he doesn't realize is the skin is actually purple guy

  11. Bro, It's annoying that below decided to add all of this cool stuff after I quit TDS.

  12. kinda ironic how the tower is named warden while this skin is like a serial killer

  13. To get the lost souls badge, everybody in your squad needs to have scout, minigunner, commander and shotgunner. doesnt matter in which order and the 5th slot is your choice on what tower you wanna bring. it also doesnt matter if they are golden perk or not

  14. We should call it


  15. Dont hide the truth. Thsts obiviously purple guy.

  16. hey egg ik im about to get roasted in the comments by about like everyone but can u hep me get the badge or anyone? cause i dont have golden scout or golden mini😃😃


    TDS Lore


  19. Slaughter warden is based on William Afton the creator of the animatronic and the person behind all of the murder

  20. looks like william afton (the purple guy) ngl

  21. I just realised that all of the animatronics are the towers that we were using IN THAT ORDER. MEANING THAT WHEN THEY WERE KIDS THEY WERE KILLED AND PUT IN A SUIT

  22. Teh guy is falled purple guy and the mask is from a cur0tscene in fnaf wen purple guy got studk in springthrap costume and died by kids and he wa a murder by the way

  23. and I already received it recently (this skin)

  24. Before people start question why is balloon boy called “balloon kid?” Well, the answer is kinda obvious to find out. Like fnaf, and many other games. If a roblox game has any content from THEIR GAME, they can get that game copyrighted, now, if it was named “balloon boy” it would’ve gotten a strike for below, or the game. Same goes with wox the fox, Since it’s MASSIVELY BASED ON FOXY. Or roxy from sb, If it has the name. Boom, copyrighted. Scout, shotgunner, commander, and minigunner. I’m not sure about Mimic umbra (yet) but, Scout is freddy.
    Shotgunner is bonnie (or chica) Commander is chica, and, minigunner is golden freddy. You can probably guess wox the fox IS abased on foxy.

    something about the map and enemies
    •Takes place in a pizzeria
    • I’m sure the “Blood” modifier is based on the blood that comes from the children (idk)
    • There’s another exit, but it’s barricaded
    •In the trailer it shows that the warden gets prepared to deal with the horde, where is that secret area?
    •The “lost soul” badge is massively based on the children that well, william ofton killed.

    Anywho, that’s it, I hope you have an amazing rest of your day.

  25. Technically, it is possible to beat this without any golden perks, you just need a good teammates

  26. Just asking, what happens if we didn’t win the Pizza Party but we won the Lost Souls event? Do we get the tower and the skin?

  27. I beat lost souls and only got warden but not the skin I think

  28. He is the grape himself William Afton 😄😄😄😄😄😄

  29. I got lost souls badge today I'm so happy

  30. I hate level 4 Warden so much because of his mask

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