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Scratch 3.0 is here! Code your own stories, games, and animations then share them with a community of millions around the world.

Try it!

The Scratch projects featured in this video were created by the following (in order of appearence):
PlanetNine, Yamo_the_King, JELLYFISHFACE, Hubalaboo, -applepie-, amylaser, Justintoo, maylou06, Aquasplash, MightyPiplup, bjmoore, MakeItFlyForLife,
leszpio, thePinkKitty, ipzy, Hobson-TV, rewinded, BunearyBunny, nevit, taffygirl13, TimothyLawyer, JamesOuO, ThePancakeMan, snilla, logic_lab, AiyanMind, ericr, griffpatch, EllaPHNT

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