SCP Tower Defense New Mode XK Class First Solo attempt -

SCP Tower Defense New Mode XK Class First Solo attempt

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SCP Tower Defense New Mode XK Class First Solo attempt.

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Welcome to SCP Tower Defense! Recruit Foundation men, elite MTF units, crazy SCP devices or even non-hostile SCPs to aid in your battle against the Scarlet King and his army..

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  1. Wow i need GOC for beaten this impossible mode

  2. This GOC Executer and Lightbeamer from SCP TD and Tower biltz copy accel and Plaser from tds and tower battles

  3. What is the best Laser beam tower in tower defence games?

  4. I beat this solo, my loudout is Samsara(Tau-5), Hammer Down(Nu-7), GOC Executer, Tickle Monster(SCP-999) and Dr.Gerald(SCP-666-j).

  5. I have to game for you it’s called tower defense game test

  6. What is the name of the game?

  7. Hey! I'm new here i check your video and i love it and your intro is so cool! You earned a new sub!

  8. I don’t have win this mode that’s very hard !

  9. I love this game so much. Nice attempt. I cant beat it no matter how hard i tried with only my people.

  10. Executed is the best tower it doesn’t need charge

  11. It's easy on duo, just goc executor spam and win

  12. I thinked this mode has the scarlet king mode

  13. Don't use the coffee machine as the games already gives so much.

  14. scp best game ever but in tdss scp well… Epick combination

  15. I defeat XK class using these towers :

    Scp 999
    GOC Executor
    Coffee Machine

    The placement of these towers are 20. Just use 2 or 1 Scp 999 for god sake bruh.

    This is a tip

  16. XK is by far the most painful gamemode in any tower defense game i have played, Nice try, pretty sure you will beat it next time

  17. i think idk find this game im knew it was roblox what this call?

  18. i just played a game of XKClass and it was the easiest win of my life the last boss got stuck so i waited for a lil cause he maybe gonna started walking in a sec but no so then i decided to place my GOCs at the entrance and i won and the boss never moved an inch

  19. Im a pretty good SCP guy and i never heard of this TD game ill definitely try this out and i prob know all the characters/heroes

  20. wait so it a pile of blop by 001 , i thought that was the scarlet king 2317 , well i guess i know the final boss is now

  21. i expect Scarlet King to show up in this mode

  22. Hey ist fine you started and you lost but you did be the first one there are no strats so you did try and you were close

  23. I have beat breach and the normal mode one, haven't beat XK yet even by using iris

  24. If the game adds like a hidden wave or something Scarlet King prob gonna show up as a boss

  25. I can't do calamity since I always disconnect I even reached last wave and disconnected

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