SCP Tower Defense EP3: War Of The Scarlet Day | FULL STRATEGY AND WINNING ZK-CLASS! -

SCP Tower Defense EP3: War Of The Scarlet Day | FULL STRATEGY AND WINNING ZK-CLASS!

Grandmaster Saibot Shikimura Append
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Grandmaster Saibot has been requested by 3 random players ( the first team whose actually never beat ZK-Class Extreme Mode before ) to beat ZK-Class and viewers asked how to beat ZK-Class with full strategy. You can watch this in full gameplay from the start to the end. Can you do it?


Site-7 ( Easy Level Map )

Level Threat Object Class:-
ZK Class

Towers Requirement To Beat Event:-
– GOC Executor ( It’s a must to drain enemy HPs with quick sufficiency! )

– Dr. Gerald ( It’s a must to backup from the past defenses to the end line! )

– Coffee Machine ( One of you must farm to get Blood Hunter while others must spams Wanderer from the beginning game. )

– Tickle Monster ( It’s a must to buff all towers nearby! )

– Blood Hunter ( To bleed its enemies to death ,so it must be bring it with you! )

– Jaegar Bomber ( It’s a must against these god f**king damn tanker enemies! )

– SCP-343 ( Like God ,he’ll aids your side by sending enemies back where they comes from to the start. )

– Wanderer ( Recommended this from the very beginning to the end of the line from skeletons armies ,armies of creation of teddybears ,and cosmic entities within Blue Moon wonders. )

– Red Right Hand ( You need this for massive damage and has chance to slay the enemies instant. )

– O5 Council ( It’s a must to send an unit armies of SCP Foundations to backup ,destroying The Avatar Of Scarlet King before its armies gets too much overwhelming in it’s way. )

– Scarlet Shaman ( The only tower that can kills any bosses quicker ,summoning its minions and weakening their attacks. )

– Evolved Site Guard ( Attacking enemies ,deploys RIOT SHIELD at the lane. When destroyed ,enemies get stunned. )

Evolved Village Duster ( Each critical hits gets much more money generate… )

Gadget Requirement To Beat Event:-
– Dark Singularity ( It’s a must to drag all enemies into the center while damage over time! )

– Blood Of The Red Lake ( It’s a must to make all enemies steps into it and gets damage. Once gets slain by that gadget ,enemies whom slain gets converted into a minion of blood husks. The bigger and tougher they are ,the version of its larger one deploys ‘Mega Servant’ ,depends on how much HP we can get. Ramming enemies ,and when it’s minions died ,it blood explodes on contact and gets MASSIVE damage nearby. )

– Balefire ( It’s a must to make all enemies steps into it and gets damage. The longer gets stays there has a chance to transform all enemies into a golden sheep. When slain ,it triggers into an explosion nearby and drops gold bars. )

Grandmaster Saibot


  1. "This is my 2nd successful winning ZK Class ( Extreme Mode ) ,but first time from the very beginning to the end game. Comment it right here so you guys can carry me ,if your level was 35+ or higher…" – Grandmaster Saibot

  2. I’m “able” to neutralise all the scp H A

  3. "Sensei Saibot,How do we deal with the gadgets being too slow,Whats the best team for fast gadgets and good eco while not being solo or duo,And I need heavy advice on GOC EX spam or Wanderer spam." -Disciple IHateTwitterCauseYes.

  4. i don't have scarlet shaman so what is
    the best substitute?

  5. I hate that cheetah got me dude😂🤣🤣

  6. I have beat ZK 3008 11 times and I have beat ZK 32 times I first beat it when I was level 32 so ya

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