Scammer gets scammed! All Star Tower Defense -

Scammer gets scammed! All Star Tower Defense

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Its okay because scammers don’t have rights.


  1. Game died when they added trading (just don’t trade lmao)

  2. he thought you were in the genjutsu
    but you put him in a genjutsu so he
    thinks he put you in the genjutsu

  3. you are amazing i was scammed and i lost my asuna shadow from someone but you make my day better

  4. gained a new sub congrats! scammers are the worst they just ruin the fun in games and ruin peoples happiness

  5. Sadly just because hes a scammer doesn't make it right because if I do wrong to somone after they did wrong to me it can't make it right cuz its wrong

  6. The way this guy fixes these problems

    He’s way too kind

  7. If u still have that bigmom could I have it? I jus need 1 more for her evo

  8. Such a good video, keep up the good work!

  9. I think that guy scammed me once, i dont remember what but i remember both usernames from something

  10. I'm not gonna lie I got scammed badly I traded my max sabo vegito and demon the boys and madara for an Eye zen boys I though eyezen was op but he bad I asked the guy for return but he left. THE GUY SAID THAT EYEZEN HAD 5 MILLION DAMAGE. Idk what to do ;(

  11. Dang this is a happy ending about to cry or something you are a very nice guy I wish I had a friend like you

  12. i will hire you in the future if i ever get into astd trading and get scammed lol

  13. new sub! i hope those scammers get banned from roblox lol

  14. strawhat i need help with a scammer please accept my dm request my user is bashar_lolly please hurry up

  15. Dude please help me this guy scammed me for my lvl 152 madara i know his user i even have a video PLEASE HELP

  16. You made me cry tears of joy. Very hard to do such a thing u just earned another sub 🙂

  17. the most wholesome astd player, love and appreciate how much you do for this community

  18. That sure is a lucky guy, most of us never get any justice after getting scammed

    There was this guy who said he would give robux for my aqua. I was like thinking [nah that's obviously a scam] but then i remembered I did a multi trade with the same guy before and he didnt scam me earlier so I had trust in him.

    I was really desperate for any ammount of robux since I had never been able to get any due to parental issues so he managed fo convince me after 10 minutes and he had premium and looked rich. He also showed me his profile in the discord server I was trading him at

    Then I went and gave him the aqua but he quickly left after getting it saying he would give me robux, when I left to check he had unfriended me.

    Since we were in the same discord server I went to report to the mod about him since I had some picture proofs of the trade but he came and told to the mod that I was cross trading and it broke the rules.

    He said in his defence that he was finding cross traders and I was breaking the rules even tho he was the one who scammed me.

    The Mod took his word for it and banned me for cross trading from the server. Pretty sure the scammer never got banned

    TL;DR: A rich guy convinced me while I was desperate and scammed my aqua and got the mod to ban me for cross trading

  19. Honestly if I was just joking in chat and some people actually reported me and this happened I would delete my account and break my tv and ipad

  20. This cideo really came to dhar mann refrence

  21. i got scammed and instead of sheild master he gave me blue fire man i couldnt get his name bc i left amedetly if i could get one i would be gratefull. I gave him a strong baldie

  22. hey bro someone in all star lvl 200+ took 3 of my units and gave me trash value in return his name is indecineda the units he took from me were demon side ultimate sailor moon and careless samurai please help me and the other people he scammed by getting our stuff back

  23. bruh this guy litterally scammed my doppio

  24. Imagine he was like I kept the units and became rich then flexed on the poor ppl

  25. ive scammed in other games before but there was 1 guy that i scammed that changed my entire mindset this was on a game called islands i had originally loved it until i lost my industrial stone cutter (this was when it first came out) and then i scammed dhim lots on different account and then we met again is astd and were best friends

  26. I'm actually suprised.The fact that i had the scammer added is crazy to be honest.He actually was a chill person until i found about what he/she did.

    Remember, dont trust people you dont know.

  27. I never get tired of this video, I've been scammed 3 times and I always come back here to restore my faith in the community, I've been in the game since the beginning and it won't be bad people that will make me leave the game 🙂

  28. i got scammed also im trading my aqua for grr 3 and when we accept he changed his grr 3 and i get his grr2 now i cant get old will

  29. Can we go and hate on this guy you did not give clarification if we should or no

  30. By the way, I realised while editing this that I forgot to give the Big Mom and Asuna flare to Sowdss and I do not want this scammers stolen units so I'll give these away to you guys! comment below if you want them and I'll pick two lucky winners next video!

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