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I was inspired by Dizour


  1. Not tryna be mean but the animations look trash but concept is amazing

  2. I feel like saitama would work like light

  3. this looks so cool but the damage is so low pls put some more

  4. my idea is that a 5 star saitama would be mid training saitama, he act kinda like starkk, sasuke, or 6 star minato, but if you evolve him you get him after his training, and he works like kira, maybe more expensive but more damage, or something like that

  5. just make like a light yagami at this point

  6. wait wut is that the map from the Tower Defense Simulator?!?!?!?!

  7. Personally I would make him in his normal self when he has hair and then transform him like fourth upgrade

  8. I think saitama should be like light yagami

  9. well I think you should boost his dmg because saitama is very strong

  10. I dont think devs will add saitama tho cuz there one piece bias

  11. That’s accurate but not the speed I’d say 4 or 3.5

  12. Where you learned to do this fanmade units?(i Want do too)

  13. Hey, man, I see that you're doing a such a great job with this type of stuff and I was wondering if you were okay with helping with a game I'm making similiar to tower defense you can add or and or dm me T00NZ#0004

  14. I think the 5 star will be Saitama ( dream version ) <:D

  15. would be a bad unit unless you make him like light but thats useless tho so he wouldnt be added

  16. Those stats kinda trash besides the range

  17. bruh saitima is the strongest anime character ever besides rimuru (slime from reincarnation of a slime) and you make him do 700 damage only? He should have a special rank and do 5,000 damage only availible if u get top 10 in leaderboards (in game forever) and have a activation skill every five minutes that whiles out the whole map and when max upgraded have a 3.5 second cool down (not able to delete and can only place 3 in the map)

  18. Anyone realise it’s a map called hillside from tower defence simulator

  19. uhhh isnt dat map from tower defense simulator?

  20. if saitama get's added he finna be another gon since he could just one punch stuff

  21. You need to be a person on the all star team bec,you are a great modeler for attacks
    : )

  22. Make 6 star light yagami (light with the shinigami)

  23. I think they should make him like light yagami and one shot everything in his range with high cooldown

  24. 3 star Saitama
    When we first saw him in the show
    4 star Saitama
    Mid training
    5 star Saitama
    After training

    We could also instead make first saitama 4 star and after training Saitama 6 stat

  25. I would make saitama use normal punch as base doing a ton of damage but after that first one he has to wait 1 minute or more to attack again also the max placement would be 4

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