Ruby Palace Leaderboard Run! (Super Insane..) | Ultimate Tower Defense -

Ruby Palace Leaderboard Run! (Super Insane..) | Ultimate Tower Defense

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  1. It was esidisi the one with the big damage and the weird outfit

  2. Everyone there probably 5 prestiged 5 grey beard to get to wave 147

  3. waves go slow cause puppets they would get killed at the start but puppet makes it go ponger

  4. Anh ơi tặng em râu trắng được k anh

  5. why did the thanos even stop at end yall couldve easily got pass wave 81 within final snap…

  6. If you still wanna know what anime this map was off it’s from Sword art online

  7. You would get farther without thanos

  8. thanos isnt a bad tower just need good placement thanos is good cause if thanos activates you were more than likely going to lose anyway lol

  9. i cant join in dc can you sent again and corect link

  10. How was he able to use 6 towers at once?!?

    I mean tower slots btw

  11. Ngl that kid placed thanos made me not wanna watch vid

  12. does it work?

  13. Who cares if thanos kills your people because if he did not bring thanos you would die 5 waves before so thanos is just a help

  14. I’ve seen Yarrizo twice in a game and he still plays utd

  15. Look at all those wb how is that even possible !!!

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