Rocket Defense VS All Evolutions? 🤔 💀 #clashroyale #shorts -

Rocket Defense VS All Evolutions? 🤔 💀 #clashroyale #shorts

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  1. Barbarians, Royal Giant, and Royal Recruits left the chat

  2. so my favorite card never gets love … Royale troops .. n u didnt do royale giant

  3. Royal recruits,royal giant, barbarians?

  4. Royal recruit and giant has left the chat

  5. bro tested larry bat not the royal giant


  7. Snowball vs zap
    First round: rocket defense

  8. Royal giant, barbarians and royal recruits crying in the corner

  9. Most evolutions: die
    Evo knight: “damn it I grazed my knee”

  10. Royal giant and royal recruits left the chat

  11. the short lagged at the frame of ice spirit getting bomb

  12. That rocket is a positive elixir trade generator😂😂

  13. Bro the rocketing the ice spirit is legit a thermonuclear bomb vs coughing baby

  14. Bro forgot evolution barbarian and royal recruites and royal giant ☠️☠️☠️

  15. What did Bro expect with the ice spirit🧊

  16. Barbarians, Royal Recruits, Royal Giant. Where Part 2.

  17. Opponent: medieval units and a sentient stain

    Mautic: TACTICAL NUKE ‼️ 🚨 ⚠️ 💣 💥

  18. Bro forgot evo royal giant, recruits, and barbs😂

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