Roblox :Undertale Tower Defense | solo Endless pass wave50 -

Roblox :Undertale Tower Defense | solo Endless pass wave50

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if u have 4 tower slot i recommend to use Temmie Mad dummy Whimsalot Shyren | Undyne the undying Sans
if u want to play :


  1. what is the hotkey to upgrade units?

  2. how he become without x2 speed : …money. GO. AHEAD. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I GONNA LOSE ADAWJKDNFVGAUI WEGAW

  3. Do u need bravery soul to do this? (I have patience soul)

  4. สอนวิธีพ่านด้านsansได้ไหม

  5. Can you help me with it this is my username Glofoxfire

  6. They nerfed bravery True bravery" x1. 5 > x1.25

  7. the strat is much easier now because mettaton ex in new home is now nerfed
    Edit: Honestly if u did have true lab towers to do this You should use Lemon bread, Reaper bird. And Endogeny.
    Edit 2: Lemon bread for that close high damage to deal 50k quick damage to asgore, Reaper bird For a extra powerful attacker just like mad dummy + doesn't need to be replaced, Endogeny for the high health summons that will help out alot

  8. question : i have determination but i want to use orange soul what do i do

  9. you can to do it even easier you can try and get reaperbird from the true lab and change it for Astigmatism

  10. with the 4th slot which slot do i put astigmatism in?

  11. หลังผ่านwave50 แล้วแพ้มันให้soulเท่าไรอ่ะ

  12. would it be ok if you helped me get asgore? i have been trying to get it. its alright if you say no.

  13. hmmm so im a patience soul so i only need 4 slots and no shyren?

  14. Do you NEED Bravery? I have given the unlucky Patience 🙁

  15. Is it better if i use alphys instead of shyren or i need to use shyren?

  16. What does the underground tester title do for you?

  17. What's the best way to farm for mad dummy?(I can't beat gen core but I can beat everything else)

  18. i used this strat and this is a good strat btw but

  19. atleast do it with dt too, i wanna see if it's even possible to do anything with dt

  20. Can someone tell me how to get second life as Dt

  21. Can​ you​ make​ solo genocide​ core

  22. Quick question, do I lose all my monsters,blueprints, and special souls when I reset?

  23. I want to try this but i dont have sans and mtt neo + roblos shitty servers

  24. omg this is so annoying that i cant change the monsters bcz of the roblox bugs XD

  25. If u re see what im writing, i wanted to ask, can u help me plsss, i relly wanted asgore soul, but i am a lv 4 player.

    If u help me i will be very glad, well have a nice day anyway…..

  26. I have a question… How farm for 5 slot? Ya just farm core or something like?

  27. Is possible make round 50 with other type of soul (but the same strat at the video)

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