Roblox Tower Defense Simulator in a nutshell -

Roblox Tower Defense Simulator in a nutshell

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Roblox Tower Defense is the new nutshell for this week’s video. Tower Defense Simulator, or TDS for short is essentially a Roblox Tower Defense game where different kinds of zombies and enemies come out of a tunnel, and a team of 4 needs to defend the map from them using their towers. The goal is to not let the enemies make it across the path and chip away at the health bar at the top of the screen.

Players must work together and coordinate what towers to bring since there is a limit of 5. Different players should bring different towers that work well with each other and that address different road blocks that they predict might come. However, in my case two people who already have everything essentially just carried me the entire game. Their towers are so overwhelmingly powerful that no strategy was needed at all. I’d just sit there and watch them decimate the enemy’s ranks. This made for some nice memes and funny moments but I did feel a bit bad for letting them straight up just carry me.

There are a multitude of difficulty levels. In all honesty, I can’t tell you which ones are harder than the other because the balancing is so wacky in this game. For example, I know for sure that the default mode “normal” is harder than the next mode called “molten” which is supposed to be harder.But yeah, I’ve found that this game is pretty one dimensional once you’ve acquired certain towers.

I did have a lot of fun at first but eventually it got more repetitive than my days in middle school. As always though, I made sure to spice it up with a ton of dead memes, stupid jokes, and compiled it all into a funny moments/compilation for your enjoyment. I also kind of made a guide in it. Like and subscribe if you want more content like this!

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Tower Defense Simulator in a nutshell

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  1. as a person who has played the game scince the release and has beaten every event, i can confirm i have acended to a higher state of conciseness..

  2. John ability make tower do 30% more damage but got replaced with militant

  3. As somebody who plays this game a lot, I can confirm practically everything he said is true.

  4. Im sad that you dont do those shorts again of like natural disaster one like putting memes can you do that again with new memes

  5. I've been playing for some years and you've summarized it well
    I don't have a couple of the event towers though
    and let me tell you, dedicating hours to even weeks of your life just to get accelerator or engineer is pain
    you have to repeat like an 8 minute process of dying over and over again each hour

  6. Let me guess Dark doesn't upload video and I now I know why Dark doesn't upload video

  7. Me as a TDS pro I can see THIS IS LEGIT TRUE, as we all know TDS is a pain to grind and that is True

    I almost spent a year trying to get 6 g crates lol
    Spent 1 motnth to get accel
    spent 5 months getting Engi
    Spent almost the entirety of frost invasion to get sledger
    and the grind is TERRIBLE

    Dark, wait untill u See TDBA soon, its gonna be more interesting than TDS >:)

  8. I remember playing tds alot but by my second golden crate i had quit because of the horrendous amount of grinding this game too

  9. Oh boy you didn't even get to experience hardcore mode yet you did not feel the pain yet oh boy

  10. I grinded way too damn hard on this game

  11. I’m over level 110 with gold pyro and accelerator and I’ve only played for not even a year… send help

  12. I liked the game until you know they remove 70% of it

  13. These are fax and losing my soul to the tds devil

  14. First off for me for TDS, I have all golden skins but however I find that the cowboy was still OP after the rework cause they added more money for it and the gold version, so for me for my strats I use golden cowboy and ranger with 3 support towers, and it made me get a great start and also a lot of waves done in fallen mode which was really a good, I tend to use like gold scout with other towers for another strat and also could get me like a duo or trio or squad to make that work so I love the cowboy rework and thats pretty much it, also I love the Vid keep up the good work Dark.

  15. Hahaha he doesn't know that hardcore is a little less paintfull than grinding for g crate and the hardest mode in the whole game incluiding events

  16. It’s a shame he doesn’t know about hidden wave

  17. If your puting gold scout and glad at s make gold crook s+

  18. If your puting gold scout and glad at s make gold crook s+

  19. Tips on tds for newbies:
    Pick molten mode, its easier than normal mode and grants you better rewards

  20. I was level 150 in TDS, Had almost every event tower aka 95% of everything, got hacked, never touched the garbage again.

  21. Nice, also sorta like tds actually
    Also 3:26 PJSK reference cause I’m bored

  22. alright so 5 good golden tower and one bad golden one is gonna be at this list:
    golden scout: S tier/pro: good for early game and best second speedrun tower/con: his buff made him double price as normal scout bad at late game
    golden minigunner: S tier/pro:high dps of 103 dps good mid and late game tower and used in any game mode/con: he cost expensive to upgrade
    golden crook boss : S tier/pro:good for early and decent at late game can spawn unit as golden bodyguard/con: placement limit of 4
    golden pyro: A tier/pro: he can melt enemy defense easily good for early and mid game/con: he bad against at faster enemy
    Golden cowboy: S tier/pro: he great at making money using for early and a bit good at late game but u can solo molten with it/con: expensive hard get cowboy you need get it by beating badland 2 which you need 3 player with accelerator and some can bring engineer
    Golden soldier: C tier/pro: decent at early and mid game good burst and good dmg of 7 at max/con: if you get this guy you are most unlucky guy in tds

  23. Tankfish is calling he wants his video back 😃

  24. i've poured about 200+ hours of my life into TDS and i can say with confidence that it is not worth it to play this damn game

  25. ive played this game for so long but i also stopped when i rlly had to grind xD

  26. Darkaltrax,plz make a video of you and the bois trying to survive in a sus game called called facial animations

  27. Fun fact tds isn't the original game they copied like 80 percent of the game in roblox tower battles

  28. you should try playing world tower defense, way more balanced game

  29. Altrax I spent so much time on golden crates I've opened 5 golden crates I'm dying inside help

  30. As a TDS high level, i can confirm that you should only play this if you're masochist or have a shit ton of free time. And the golden crate isn't even the worst part, you will probably get it before getting accelerator, and don't even waste your time trying to triumph without accelerator, you won't be able and you get more by just dying in some early wave (about 21 or a bit more)

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