Roblox Tower Defense Simulator Beta Jack O' Bot Boss Battle -

Roblox Tower Defense Simulator Beta Jack O’ Bot Boss Battle

tyrus ward
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  1. the thing i always wondered was i saw people saying jack o bot had 1 million hp. what's that all about?

  2. Well when it was Halloween that year I almost got kidnapped.this is what I would be doing if I didn't go out

  3. Back then people didn’t just leave the game when they won. Back then they would say gg or things before goings but nowadays people just leave without saying anything

  4. Wow grandpa is really hard to beat

  5. What's More Nostalgic TDS 2019 or
    Roblox 2008-2016 who ever like started Playing Roblox 2016 like adult started playing Roblox 2008 or yea

    The mini bosses: so noone cares about us?

  7. No debí haber dejado TDS a finales de 2019

  8. I miss this old version of TDS. It was fun. And so was this event. Just wish this Halloween, we have an epic event like this one.😢😓🤔

  9. TDS players: this stage is difficult, but its ok, i have minigunner
    People who did Duelo Maestro by themselves:

  10. D R O P
    A S I M E T R I C O
    P R E P A R A T E

  11. I’m sad this event is gone now it has the best music

  12. I still miss the event it was so fun I fr beat the boss right when it was at the end

  13. I miss this event

    I beat it only an hour before the event was over. Imagine how intense that was

  14. I still remember rocketeer was so good but after somethime it gpt a super nerf and got a super buff

  15. Ahh yes the event with one of the greatest boss theme.

  16. Hello im from the future and now the events sucks so much LOL

  17. im sad they removed the event it was my favorite one

  18. damn cool event but why is removed for that same time from game i think

  19. and i lost old accout when it 2019 but event it not there

  20. This is probably my favourite event

    It was challenging plus it was the first seasonal event

    I love halloween and the boss is so cool

  21. 4 years and we have him back in the new event

  22. Jack O bot is making his big return 4 years later with an amazing glow up wish me luck on ACT 2

  23. Ngl i prefer this old boss battle than the current one

  24. oh my freaking god. I CANT HANDLE IT!!!? THE NOSTALGIAAAAAAA!!!

  25. I remember when i was 11 right after trick or treating and taking a shower beating this event while munching on candy

  26. Wow, to think that this guy just slipped into the Solar Eclipse event like it was the true first night.

  27. Coming back here and putting Lunar Abyss in the background before Jack-o-Bot spawns in timing with the music…

    …Yeah, it was amazing. You can't deny that despite Lunar Abyss not being TDS' soundtrack, it still and will ALWAYS fit him.

  28. This has like old roblox nostalgia. It looks like it came from 2010s roblox.

  29. Lunar abyss? Duelo maestro? GEOMETRY DASH?

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