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Roblox Tower Defense Demo

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Open-Source Tower Defense Demo
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  1. Not sure why the game is crashing for some. I don't play roblox anymore but if someone tells me the error i can maybe help fix it.

  2. How to change the enemies from r15 to r6? I really like this kit but i want to change the enemies rig.
    I also want to make the air tower and enemies and how to change the number of waves too.
    Could you make a video about those thing but thx about your kit, it's the nice one.

  3. Hey you can give the script that facing/turning npc to closest player?

  4. it closes studio and roblox when a tower is placed.

  5. Why cant u place down units? It chrashes the game

  6. fix the kit its annoying like how hard can it be

  7. you should make it that when you win you get a badge

  8. Hey looks god can i get the source code? maybe

  9. Can someone please help me on a error, I fixed the crashing error but now I cant place the tower and I can only move it around ontop of my humanoid 🙁

  10. @its_pj hey um i try to put the tower then it not crash but it just make game can't put the tower can you fix? (in roblox studio)

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