Roblox Tower Defense But With Super Villains -

Roblox Tower Defense But With Super Villains

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Roblox Tower Defense But With Super Villains

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  1. Effggc hg. Hikhggfffyjy uoliolkh


  2. For some reason when I search up this game it don’t pop up

  3. Gravy you have a code in the game use the code gravy for yourself as a tower

  4. Try out this anime game :all star tower defense Roblox:

  5. 5:41 Gravy:I almost lost!
    Me:dude that guy is still like 10 miles away from your base

  6. Man i remember the good old days when insane Atlantis was the hardest map

  7. I think u might want to upgrade before u add all ur troops. Or else strong enemies will get past easily

  8. Gravy each character have same and diff powers

  9. Wait wait wait why you pick deadpool even theres venom

  10. His vids are so good I dont even look at his face I just focus on the vid

  11. My score highest score Is 256 because im level 124 XD im wathcing vids by thats the way to be level 124 XDDD🤣

  12. Pov: waits 1 wave

    Before: let's wait a couple of waves

  13. Spawn is a good guy so tenicly ( im 7 idk how to spell ten icly) you lost

  14. My lvl is 100000000 and my score is 100000000000000753

  15. Wha5 you haven’t used the only one which is VENOM

  16. Gravy try to play tower defend simulator i want to see yu play it

  17. Gravy is starting to liek Villains aren’t u gravy

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