Roblox Project Tower Defense Challenges: Challenge №1 -

Roblox Project Tower Defense Challenges: Challenge №1

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Hello guys! In this video im will make challenge for myself. This challenge called: *Can you beat Training with only spawning towers?* (Your challenge ideas u can write in comments)


  1. my challenge from – spookyonly use starter towers and y cant upgrade them

  2. if ur looking at this comment i am so sorry bro my wifi is being trash thats why i cant play we would have won if my wifi wasnt trash

  3. I have a dear challenge
    beat training with lvl towers only but there is catch
    brute being ur tower that can be placed with no limits
    puls having limit of 4
    precinct have 1 limit
    guitarist having a limit of 1
    u can bring farm. and other early game towers

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