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ROBLOX Bloons Tower Defense..

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today i find BTD6 and other bloons tower defense games on roblox, most of them are free, but most are also just bad games. TDS stands no chance against these games with their high quality.


hey guys u can become a member now:


  1. i qrit bloons but i come back to it and buy bloons TD6 guys

  2. I played Bloons td 6 when I was right now years old

  3. People like me who play bloons TD are chads

  4. "Which is kinda impersive for a 5th grader"
    Me a 10 that speaks 2 languages, does not use free models in Roblox Studio and still makes good games: "Am sorry, what?"

  5. John roblox can you make a video of tds knockoff games in roblox or you just did it before

  6. I wanna play this because i have no money:(

  7. I played the Bloons TD 2 Scuffed and the last wave is going for a hour now bruu

  8. in my opinion, 3:59
    this game could have potential if it looked much better and the towers werent just parts with pngs on it

  9. The bloons td roblox(original) game, the noises that were playing in the background, were actually a few voicelines from Playtime(a character from baldi basic's)

  10. How did you have access to balloons TD Scoffed oh no so there was a balloon's TD3 scoffed but it's not available

  11. 4:18 9999999 ceramic bloon
    imagine all level 0 monkey didn't pop ceramic bloon

  12. Sniper Monkey. [3:21]
    S = Sniper
    I = Intelligent
    M = Monkey
    P = Pro

  13. Sub to John now he just wasted 100 robux judt for us so we don’t get scammmed sub to him NOWWWW

  14. Can you play btd6 pls they got tons of more monkeys and monkey knowledge you can play with people and there is quest for a beast handler and reward for beating maps

  15. I didn't even find Bloons TD6 In roblox

  16. ill make the perfect bloons tower defence by my self

  17. what an good day john roblox im suprised

  18. love how the scuffed one was literally better than all the others

  19. "even a sun god won't kill it"
    now we fix what john said the sun god won't kill it (5th middle upgrade of supper monkey) when a non sacroficed temple can kill a B.A.D. (on round 1)
    but seeing that there were some towers placed the sun god prob could had sacrofices meaning that Z.O.M.G. is dead (also yes ik that is just a temple and not sun god but com on i just want to mke a point ok?)

  20. bro i crashed the btd 2 scuffed by being to good

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