Riptide Update Trailer - Universal Guardians (Tower Defense) - Roblox -

Riptide Update Trailer – Universal Guardians (Tower Defense) – Roblox

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  1. Why does the map look like the old event map

  2. I cant wait for an update dude like the game mechanics are the greatest things in this game dude!

  3. The thumbnail looks like solar eclipse but p cool game tho

  4. Whah de umbrah doin?
    (Talking about the similarity's)

  5. Wow nice update, hopefully the enviromental effects the gameplay

  6. Already another TDS update!?!? The Devs must be working so hard now, now that's epic! 🤤

  7. "enemys incoming,they powerfull then we fight before….
    GEAR UP,this battle Will hard"

  8. This map feel so familiar but I can't wrap my head rounded

  9. Someone behind them looks familiar

  10. Must be quick before the full moon rises…

  11. ik that game cool… but i cant open the game its to high quality it doesn't support 🙁 it just show black screen why cant it just be a low graphics while enter the game kind a suck 🙁

  12. hi itzsweaking i have a question is tower defense simulator?

  13. The riptide may shoe half lunar half solar…

  14. Tds new update be like ptw: haha yes i haven't had this much fun in ages

  15. Last update was pretty underwhelming after the extreme amount of hype, so I will set my expectations low this time.

  16. Really cool i exciting of this update new mode real😳

  17. Hard mode :0 ?

    I hope that they will make a upgraded version/ranked up of some enemies in normal mode ?

  18. Wait why does the boss looks like Umbra in Tower Defense Simulator

  19. Event time in UG?😮 im petty sure i can beat this so fast cuz im pro😎

  20. The boss looks like a girl that i saw in another td game (flashbacks of umbra) maybe its nothing

  21. If u pause at 0:11 there is something that looks like umbra

  22. The universal guardians copied a model of toxic gunner and the universal guardians is kinda sus for copieng

  23. There releasing a code to get gladiator for free or to get a skin for him in TDS, and there also selling him again for a higher price…

  24. Oh yea theres umbra boyfreind on that event XD

  25. this game is so dead to where a major content update drops the game remains dead

  26. why did this game die so hard

  27. 🙁 i wish this game is still alive

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