Retro Tower Defense Simulator: Official Trailer -

Retro Tower Defense Simulator: Official Trailer

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Retro Tower Defense Simulator: Official Trailer is here!

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yeah i make the trailer
song by @BendyDRD

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  1. Doesn’t this game already exist?

    edit: the game look sooo cool. i like it!

  2. Im starting to worry what r they gonna do with the hardcore update 😨😨

  3. this is some nice and worth time trailer great job 😀

  4. It look nice but im not interesting with this game maybe because im not og i play tds in late 2022 when hallowen events

  5. The trailer is nice!it made me remind a lot old tds stuff that has been removed!

  6. I hope retro tds will be the next game to bring back the real old tds in the future after the cancel of tds legacy (I hope it will be the same like tds before hardcore or lord sinister update :D)

  7. I shouldn't no idea how Good this trailer was, But ours is Trash.

  8. the next thing they should do is make the balancing the original 2019 tds and remove the damn commando limit

  9. mid game just copying the old version of the game

  10. This trailer is sick as hell

    Even John roblox watched it💀

  11. Ḟïŕệďệäẗḧḟläṃệṩ says:

    i remembered what the old rtds was from this video

  12. This bring me back memories. Oh wait I play the game during the Valentine's Day. Mmmmmm I'm not me.

  13. You too late on events because forgot hunter in TRUELY POWERFULL BADGE at 2 week

  14. Damn. I really hope they can bring back this golden mode.

  15. Is this a trailer for a new rtds or the one we already have

  16. I’d love the game if the owner didn’t have any drama. I’ll still play tho.

  17. They really getting money from this even tho tds had this on 2019?

  18. Add gladiator event pls old gladiator 😢😢😢

  19. Sweaking is basically the john roblox of rtds

  20. One day retro tds is gonna be at the same version current tds is at

  21. Wow what a great old TDs game

    To sleep mid waves cause u already finished placing every tower

  22. Dang nostalgia hits hard when u used to play this alot when ur in 2019-2020.

  23. The game and music really got so many memories

  24. sadly. retro tds. tower commando got nerfed and has placement limit set. unlimited to 5 the max can be placed.

  25. people who joined tds in 2021 gonna be lying and say “old tds was sooooo fun nostalgia hit hard”

  26. Can I allow this video???

    If not, never mind..

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