Retaking The Leaderboards On Ultimate Tower Defense -

Retaking The Leaderboards On Ultimate Tower Defense

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Today I hop back on some UTD Leaderboards to reach the highest wave.

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  1. Me: Imagine saying first

  2. I bet noclypso would not like and pin this comment 😶

  3. Can you pin me first I’m 2 minutes late sorry. 😅

  4. Bro ive been here since 30k i love the content till this day keep it up

  5. How does he have all these units when did he get them does he just grind hard for his fans on all games

  6. No matter what video I watch there's always someone in the comments saying first what do you get out of saying first

  7. All I can see is just a screen full of kurama and susanos

  8. Bro the drip is to hard speed wagon and the drippiest Akatsuki memeber

  9. The game doesn’t really look that fun and why is the u it’s so big I can barley see lol

  10. I’ve been here since 69k I just randomly clicked on ur vid and I’ve been watching u since

  11. Yo can you make a new intro I still like this one but can you make a new one?

  12. people be like: sees an early video of noclypso BRO NOCLYPSO IM YOUR BIGGEST FAN MAN I SWEAR I'VE BEEN HERE SINCE 10 SUBS MAN I SWEAR

  13. 73 likes no dislikes??? JHEEZZ FLEX lol ily ur vids tho <333

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