Retaking The Leaderboards On Ultimate Tower Defense -

Retaking The Leaderboards On Ultimate Tower Defense

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Today I hop back on some UTD Leaderboards to reach the highest wave.

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  1. Ngl enya is a game changer for the leaderboards no cap

  2. i like how noclypso makes his videos very entertaining

  3. There’s no way Noclypso says hi in the comments

  4. I still ora’d that notification, but my internet is bad so I'm kate

  5. Woah it’s 4am for me and I have school but noclypso uploaded

  6. Noclypso u bring joy a cheer to all of us if u stop This amazing work I will never forgive

  7. Been a sub since February of 2017, vids been heat since I subbed

  8. All star could just make the leaderboard a top 100 thing but top 20 get kaido and it's first ppl to the highest wave

  9. Don’t really like this but if it’s a noclypso vid Ik it gonna be fire

  10. noclpyso leaderboard
    astd: dude I got to wave 59 but cant get kaido 😥
    utd: EZ EZ EZ EZ

  11. Could you tell all star tower defense that I lost my nagato when I evoled him my stuff deleted and I'm really mad

  12. Noclypsos next vid is gonna be about a game called anime mania

  13. I think Enya should be Divine her Puppet ability is overpowered

  14. His pc mad clean the money farms lag the shit out me

  15. fun fact ig you skip back to the start when hes scrolling I was 14th place for a while

  16. Me being wave 119 before noclypso played: YES SIR I HAVE FINALLY PASSED HIM

    Noclypso: 6:48 😅

    Me: 😔

  17. I just made it to 49 on leaderboard it would make my day if you looked before it changes

  18. ive been here since one piece bizarre adventure and wow I just realized that was like 2 years ago congrats noclypso

  19. This game kill my eyes everytime full of color 😵

  20. I remember when he would always use Eren and Ace

  21. 1:03 OMG i'm TNOLISUB1234 the 7rd in the leaderboard i can't belive that i'm in your VIDEO

  22. Yo bruv, there is a new Bleach game: Shikai Online, seems pretty interesting, you should give it a shot!

  23. I thought is said astd ,I was so happy until it say utd 🙁

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