Retaking The Leaderboards On Ultimate Tower Defense -

Retaking The Leaderboards On Ultimate Tower Defense

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Today I hop back on some UTD Leaderboards to reach the highest wave.

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  1. There’s no your gonna like this comment

  2. We finna take it back, just you wait.

  3. Omg my friend got noticed on the leaderboard by noclypso wow

  4. wait i don’t play ultimate but how do they not loose when it reaches the end?

  5. God that path was a mess. Personally I don’t like how big the units can barely see the path

  6. Hey pls try to gift gems to all the noobs out there because they can’t get gems

  7. No way u were in my game yesterday yeeeee

  8. I want to see more roblox mania if you feel like it

  9. i can tell that most of his views are from children seeing as there is only 23,000 and the children are just at school xD

  10. Noclypso here's a tip: Don't use farms, once you get damage you need no farms.

  11. Bro when sasuke comes in the shop in anime mania u gotta get him man

  12. Noclypso: Get ready we are gonna do it!
    Previous leaderboard person: …….
    Noclypso: YAY WE DID IT!
    Previous leaderboard person: NANI

  13. The thumbnail is the best part for a demon slayer fan

  14. Bro I am the unluckiest my mom called me today when u joined the server in anime mania

  15. You posted so many videos this week, , , , we ain't finna get a new vid for a whole month

  16. then there is no way this one is getting pined

  17. holy moly i saw u in my game at anime mania i was SweatyGorillas do you remember?

  18. i feel like Noclypso and Infernasu is the same person

  19. I know Alopek he is my husbando and you can ask him lol

  20. Oh yeah I've been here since 10k I seem old now

  21. challenge idea do pvp villans vs heroes inastd

  22. i still remember when u were chrishothead


  24. i like how there is this 1 kid in the back saying yo multiple times

  25. They need to make sage of 6 paths obito a 6 star

  26. Bro ok noclpso ur drip HE got the demon slayer red tepe thing

  27. No cap I bet you $1 million that noclypso will pin this

  28. You don’t need 160k subs you need 1M
    Pls pin it and heart it I’ve been watching you when you did not have 100k subs

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