Red Alert 1 HD - Tower defense cooperation WO def - C&C ra1 Online AI comp stomp on CnCNet 1280 720 -

Red Alert 1 HD – Tower defense cooperation WO def – C&C ra1 Online AI comp stomp on CnCNet 1280 720

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Red Alert 1 tower defense AI map: WO Defense Practice
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Press H on the beginning to find your MCV 😉

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Command and Conquer Red Alert 1 gameplay


  1. Back when wave def actually held meaning unlike these stupid cell phone games…
    I miss wave def. ):

  2. the teslas in RA1 were so OP. Compared to RA2…

  3. I remember when this was cutting edge technology

  4. hey how do you send a IM
    message .. i try ctl+m or i it dont work…

  5. How do people make command and conquer a tower defense? can some explain this to me?

  6. Really cool it's like the games version of d day

  7. Aaah i love the power of the tesla coil making the whole screen shake :p

  8. Not even a horde of mammoth tanks are a match for a small concentration of tesla coils.

  9. Damn when i saw the hordes of mammoth tank i said it was over but the strategy defense was very gud

  10. You had reserve men in second wave near teal team. So while red team getting blitzed u didnt send them up while they were being needless used. no attacks south. Bad tactics i see.

  11. ЭТО Мясорубка всех времён и народов . 90 года (Зачот!!!!!!!)

  12. So sad that they don't make RTS games like this anymore, this was a killer in LAN parties 🙂 Always somebody mega-rushing caused the whole game to crash permanently at some point 😀
    Oh, those were the days…

  13. I love this game. I wish i kne whow to play it using windows 7 🙁

  14. I don't suppose concrete walls between the teslas and the front would help much?

    EDIT: of course a wave of V2's show up thirty seconds after I ask…

  15. THIS is the REAL Command and Conquer we knew and love, not that bullshit mobile game version!

  16. Wrraa! Aaar! Wraaah! Wrraaa! AAA! Wraa!!!1


  18. You've taken the term "break the game" to a whole new level!!

  19. Grenadier is coming very fucking soon. K next week I start my comeback!

  20. I swear it seems like he building army men slow af. My mouse already over the man and clicking before done. But I'm used to man rushes from the p4 map. No time to delay at all.

  21. stupid KPI these times… should have not stopped and fight the towers but just drive through into the base heading for the power plants…

  22. well i am pleased we got the happy ending.. enemy should have made some aircraft waves as well..

  23. played this with ma brother and a friend
    pretty fkng hard XD

  24. quite surprising that many mammoth tanks lost the battle!

  25. I never expected that I can see Red Alert lagging in a modern system more than 2 decades later

  26. training… … unit lost.. training…

  27. I was waiting to see AI building a bunch of nuke silos and bomb the shit out your base from the distance but…damn that never happened!

  28. Me: clicking orders multiple times

    Tanks: Af-af-af-af-affirmative!

  29. Humans: what is the ultimate act of camaraderie?
    Mega computer in year 3030: to secretly start a new base within your ally's base after yours had been decimated in a command and conquer game

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