Red Alert 1 HD - Tower defense cooperation WO def - C&C ra1 Online AI comp stomp on CnCNet 1280 720 -

Red Alert 1 HD – Tower defense cooperation WO def – C&C ra1 Online AI comp stomp on CnCNet 1280 720

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Red Alert 1 tower defense AI map: WO Defense Practice
You can find all my ra1 online cooperation / comp stomp maps on CnCNet:
get the game here:

Press H on the beginning to find your MCV 😉

Play with us online at CnCNet!

Command and Conquer Red Alert 1 gameplay


  1. I wonna hear cnc origial music, not only sound

  2. sorry 🙁 i cant focus when music is on, i always have it turned off hehe

  3. Hi, its favorite game of my childhood. I played sometimes on my notebook. But now i can only watching multiplayer games for diffrent reasons. First of all i have wifi ipad, and i havent modem on the note and t1 connection, only wifi. It will be great if you upload more multiplayer games.

  4. Epic battles more than 40 minites 1vs1 2vs2 most fun matches. For example ://

  5. yes 😀 Check out this channels: RedAlert1Online, At0m1, RaWatcher

  6. Thanks for an awesome video! How do you set the game up, so you and your buddies don't attack each other? I tried this map for my first time online and we couldn't ally (by pressing a) with everyone. 🙁

  7. you have to add 1 ai to make that working, make sure if you are 3 human players to pick the 3 player version, 4 human player -> 4 player version etc

  8. Am I right that the green one is me(Alley)? 😛 Plays like I have played a lot and I also remember that I participated on this kind of map with exact moves. 🙂

  9. dumb ass, totally forgot to build silos, you are the dumbest dumb ass in the world!

  10. lol how do u play it online man? o.O help me plzaaaaaaa, i love this game, this is my childhood : /

  11. Inspiration for all the future Triple A games.

  12. I still have ccredalert1 but it is on origen, its still a good game 😎

  13. Is it just me…or is not going for the SHOCK TROOPERS a big thing here?

  14. Aaaaaahhhh…my sweet, sweet, electrocuting christmas-tree!

  15. O boy, I'd love to play this with the remaster!

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