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Rarest TDS Badge | Tower defense simulator (Roblox)

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I didnt know what to make so hope you enjoy! Remember to use star code E 🙂


  1. Wait i Truimph Old Molten Mode in 1 Hp With My Friend we didnt get the badge it doesnt say "Awarded Verge Of Death"

  2. me who had played on doomspire:
    praying to god that i was one of the 4554 people who won it

  3. The rarest one is asking below to make accel have her drone back if he say "yes" u get 50000 robuck but he say "no" u ban in roblox for s ! m p i n g

  4. I triumph doomspire, it was one of my favorite maps

  5. For golden power i think you need all of the gold skins but to get 6 golden crates then you will need 300k coins

  6. This man is kinda just like the minecraft version of that other dude, stole the way he talks, etc, this is a clone but on roblox

  7. What's the different of two hardcore badge?

  8. Bro I could have gotten the verge of death badge in my last match

  9. tower defense simulater more like tower delay simualater

  10. I solo molten and I got 1hp and so close to ez win

  11. I have the doomspire thing but idk how I got it I forgot

  12. Well i duo molten on 1 hp but we didnt get the badge bc it got removed 🙁

  13. Actualy old event badges are now hardest to get bcs you cant get anymore

  14. idk how but somehow all my badges have reset but they haven't reset the badge rewards

  15. omg thank you i was searching this game for a lot of time

  16. I just get and me 1 health in Jake after that i lose but not get the badge yet

  17. I have the doomspire triumph, that map was pretty cool lol

  18. The badge I'm thinking of before I watch video: strength in numbers!

  19. Im 1 of 10k who beat hardcore beta lol

  20. I just beat fallen with 1 hp base but not getting badge then I realize if its already unobtainable

  21. พิพัฒย์ พลเยี่ยม says:

    actually hidden wave is already remove but HOW IT NOT REMOVE!!!

  22. Wtf justo ayer jugue con vos xd

  23. elite have a funny and girly voice

  24. Does doomspire have enimes coming in 4 different spots ??

  25. I saw Wikia colors and she have this badge

  26. I remember this time me and some random people were gonna lose to jaxe but we got lucky jaxe went in our defend and we had 6 health for some reason and we won

  27. I think it was the awakened fallen king because no one has got it

  28. Um the streght in numbers one pops up when your loading in badges it says boost 20 tower whit one call to arms if I'm sure

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