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This took a long time, but I finally finished it!

In this video, I rank every single event tower in Tower Defense Simulator, showcasing their values, stats, uses, and capabilities.

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@SinisterPumpkin video on toxic gunner’s slowdown

Elf Camp vs Military base video

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  1. Archer was never “buffed” it was “rebalanced” it got nerfed pretty hard

  2. How do u know the real range of the slasher and it's range of knofe throw

  3. Just saying I think the archer tower is broken now and it does no damage at level 3, 4, or 5 🥲

  4. I own all of these except slasher (I took a break from tds during that time) and commando (same thing). And swarmer (Skill issue from me)

  5. how many people are writing literal essays in the replies JUST TO ROAST PEOPLE

  6. Remember when commando was actualy good? Also i vote for a frost blaster buff (and no gamepass)

  7. Gladiator im pretty sure can only hit 2 enemies at once

  8. Gladiator is basically warden, but gladiator is a event tower

  9. I remember duoing with friends using only one event tower for attacking but supporting it, this was back in golden, frost blaster beat it, same with shr- SLASHER, I hate slasher, return my shredder

  10. By the way, if you leaks slasher can be good

  11. My man punching these numbers in his calculator like hes running a marathon.

  12. i love how commando was easily one of the most broken af towers in the game and it just got shut down in one single patch

  13. hmmmm looks like a certain joker tower can solo hardcore hmmmm

  14. I agree with everything except imo sledger>gladiator. Simply bc sledger CAN hit hiddens if the hiddens are mixed between regular enemies which is fairly comman. Though it doesn't focus them its 2x damage abiltiy when frozen is rly good in dealing with lower tier bosses and its crown control imo is slightly better at max level/lvl 4. As an early game gladiator and warden perform much better.

  15. Slashing multiple enemies that did not age well

  16. The freezer and frost plaster have been reworked to be a lot better

  17. Frost blaster is a pretty good early now with hidden only being 300 cash

  18. Since their reworking old event towers to keep up with the changes to the game I think that commando, slasher, archer and swarmer will hopefully get changed. They just changed frost blaster and toxic gunner (2 of the worst towers at that time) so I have hope.

  19. They should give "Slasher" a Bleed Effect

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