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There are a lot of Support Towers in Tower Defense Simulator, But which one is the Best?

In this video, I rank all of the support towers from worst to best, going into detail about their values and how helpful their support is.

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  1. The commando is better because the tea today doesn’t do any damage so I the commander is better

  2. The best is sleg in fun like it just douse dmg like gyadam that great

  3. I don't really think that warden is a support because support can't deal with enemys that well, but warden can do nearly anything with high damage

  4. Toxic gunner would be wayy better if it wasn’t bugged

  5. .
    Is farm considered a support tower?

  6. if were willing to count warden as a support tower we might as well count rangers range buff

  7. Electro sgocker is my favourite support byt most of the time it doesnt really be require to win only be normally used for hidden mode

  8. warden + electro + dj + mini + farm
    warden and electro will be at the front to freeze enemies fr

  9. Commander cta at max does 10 damage per shot so extra DPS compared to disc jockeys circle spinning

  10. I wonder where the jester would be on this list

  11. If the commander is better than dj, then pyro is the best support tower because commander is a 55% dmg buff but only when the ability is active but the pyro gives a pernament 50% dmg buff by just touching an enemy

  12. I feel the Djs range buff was really overlooked

  13. if you place your farms in an area that the dj can reach, (or i guess the dj is placed near the farms) it can provide a good boost of money to your teammates, that can mean life or death.
    usually when your farming you are only a few hundred dollars from the upgrade, the dj can close that gap and make you upgrade your farms, and towers earlier

  14. After toxic gunner and other got reworked this got outdated

  15. Yes, polluted wastelands gives you a lot of cash in general, but the dj discount will help you get max accelerators, rangers, engineer, and other good towers WAY faster, while also giving them a lot more range for them to attack. Yes, the commander buff is good, it’s just that you also stated how the dj’s 25% discount is basically like a 25% more dps you can afford, this makes it sound and be way better. In my opinion, dj is better.

  16. In my opinion dj and commander are at the same level. Since there are towers who can’t attack but still need the discount of the dj. Farm for example. Also, the range boost on the dj tower is very useful in a lot of strategies like Luccile. Also, dj is very good with engineer.

  17. I choose dj as the best support tower because I can play any song I like. That moral boost is sometimes all you need

  18. i feel like dj is just better cus towers like mini especially with the range nerf really need more range and i feel like range is more important than dps cus if u deal 30 dps but only have 7 range u cant do much but if you have full map coverage and 5 dps its basically the samethinf and plus i think commander looks very boring and is just overrated

  19. For me the main reason why its better sledger than warden is that literally there a lot of enemies with stun inmunity and there much less with freeze protection

  20. Both are solid its just depending on what tower you will use if its an high damage tower then its DJ and if its a low damage tower its ofc commander

  21. Yeah I think the warden should be used for dps not support, in fact I actually use it as early def in tds bc it is one of the best towers I have in my inventory, the only downside is it’s small range

  22. As a warden user, I am very much a n g e r y

  23. i want to add that warden has 20 placement limit

  24. Frost blaster casually passing from the second worst to one of the best support towers

  25. range buff is pretty amazing for gamemodes because fear is a thing and if you don't have a dj when your tower's ranges are reduced to nothing there is nothing to do even more firerate can't help you because your towers can't fire range is to underrated

  26. So glad for the rework they did to toxic gunner where he is actually using the machine gun in his hand as a machine gun not a burst gun he is worth the grind that I did for it.

  27. Remake this video after some of these towers have been reworked and cryo is now in the game

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