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Ranking all level towers in TOWER DEFENSE SIMULATOR

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  1. Harold Lemuel Christopher Mangundoyo 1411054 says:

    G.crook boss don't need an buff as it has high DPS with the mafia or golden crooks.

  2. 0:50 pov:mortar is better than crook reasons:
    Placement:mortar 5-crook 4
    Dmg:crook 8 or 9 fast firerate-mortar 60 dmg can spawn kill anything slow if spam max
    Range:mortar has 30 crook has lower
    Early game dealing:mortar not struggle early game any modes unless quicks and cheaper
    Crook need wait wave 2 to place 2 dmg scout firerate for 300 3 for hidden and guards 800
    Mortar can be placed right away first 2 upgrades cheaper also mortar has high range at lvl 0 and his splash will effect hordes

  3. I would say crook boss is kinda a little better than turret or same as the turret cuz I can solo normal and molten and get to wave 36 on solo fallen with crook boss being the only tower with fast fire rate and hidden detection and I didn't use any golden skins

  4. Another pro of turret: the XR 500 skin still uses the liner animation key, which old tds used for their tower animations

  5. Crook Boss low placement limit is intentional because having placement limit higher would make it unfair or not cost efficient because 9,000 money to max them once is high and having more will feel like you are cheating because you know the default minions has more meshes than golden minions and could initiate the same lag glitch

  6. Turret is also a good replacement if u dont have accel, sure it is expensive and 5 placement limit but it almost match with accel dps which is insane

  7. The reason you can't place more than 4 crook bosses is for the lag like the mil bas glitch but crook bosses have much more moving parts so it lags more than mil base that makes it very laggy if it spammed body guards but it is still good like the golden crook boss max body guard got very high dps and combined with the tower dps they really do much damage

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