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Ranking all level towers in TOWER DEFENSE SIMULATOR

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  1. Yooo keep doing this and i swear you are gonna be famous one day

  2. Another good thing about mortar is that you can use it to prevent noobs from placing sniper and dont stack so you have enough room for 10 rangers

  3. I agree with the tier list, and I do have an idea how to buff both, Golden Crook Boss and Regular Crook Boss.

    And perhaps buff the turret a bit aswell

    Regular Crook Boss Buff:
    -Just make the placement limit to 6

    Golden Crook Boss Buff:
    -Bigger range
    -Two Minions at LVL5
    -Placement limit 6 or 7 for the golden version

    Turret Buff:
    -Placement Limit 10

  4. I think turret is the best lvl tower cause it does not need a circle think and another big circle and fire if theres an enemy on the circly like axe pilot and purauit and it has alot of range and damage

  5. honestly the gold skin of crook boss just carries the default crook boss.
    it can insta kill normals, speedies and quicks and 2 shot slows on lv 1 for a cheap price of 300 (its way more easier to get if you're doing solo)
    and the huge dps change from the golden crook to golden mafia from like 2-5 dps to 33

  6. Ayo Zee(guys) I’m about to finish the Hardcore Crate but I dunno will the Dev. Community accept my dumb model, should I send the model?

  7. Fun fact: turret is better than minigunner so if you placed max amount of troops at least delete 5 minis and place turrets instead, it helped me win fallen mode

  8. Technically scout and sniper are level towers because you get them at level 1

  9. i knew it that mortar will be the worst :/ sad i use mortar pretty much and i think its op with DJ and commander cuz he launch bombs pretty fast

  10. Best one is accelerator. It is unlocked at 50 lv and get it by your gem lol

  11. "This tower is a late game tower"
    Me who has a turret placed early game:my goals are beyond your understanding

  12. Crook boss has a placement limit of 4 because it can spawn a lot of units if the placement limit was removed and the tower is spammed it will summon a lot of body guards

  13. 69 comments now there's 70 comment also freezer is dog water

  14. 6:03

    The last one: Very large FOOTPRINT

    Me: I am pretty sure u don't call the FOOTPRINT

  15. Even tho turret so expensive I still use it when I solo molten bc I have mill base

  16. Nah man I go to school at 6 my man and it end at 12

  17. Harold Lemuel Christopher Mangundoyo 1411054 says:

    G.crook boss don't need an buff as it has high DPS with the mafia or golden crooks.

  18. 0:50 pov:mortar is better than crook reasons:
    Placement:mortar 5-crook 4
    Dmg:crook 8 or 9 fast firerate-mortar 60 dmg can spawn kill anything slow if spam max
    Range:mortar has 30 crook has lower
    Early game dealing:mortar not struggle early game any modes unless quicks and cheaper
    Crook need wait wave 2 to place 2 dmg scout firerate for 300 3 for hidden and guards 800
    Mortar can be placed right away first 2 upgrades cheaper also mortar has high range at lvl 0 and his splash will effect hordes

  19. I would say crook boss is kinda a little better than turret or same as the turret cuz I can solo normal and molten and get to wave 36 on solo fallen with crook boss being the only tower with fast fire rate and hidden detection and I didn't use any golden skins

  20. Another pro of turret: the XR 500 skin still uses the liner animation key, which old tds used for their tower animations

  21. Crook Boss low placement limit is intentional because having placement limit higher would make it unfair or not cost efficient because 9,000 money to max them once is high and having more will feel like you are cheating because you know the default minions has more meshes than golden minions and could initiate the same lag glitch

  22. Turret is also a good replacement if u dont have accel, sure it is expensive and 5 placement limit but it almost match with accel dps which is insane

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