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There are plenty of powerful late game DPS towers, but which one is the best?

In this Tower Defense Simulator video, I rank every DPS tower from worst to best, looking into their values, max DPS, capabilities, and more.

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  1. They should make a terminator skin for mini bcuz of the scene in terminator 2

  2. The max persuit can see hiddens bruh

  3. engi with 4 placement limit > any other dps tower (if turrets had hd)

  4. Militant is a decent dps tower in early game since its cheap and reliable in early game

  5. Funny how paintballer has triple the dps then accel

  6. Ranger and turret are so overrated like just bec they are reliable doesnt mean they are great ranger isnt better than engineer pursuit and golden mini and turret isnt even better than mini

  7. My opinion
    6. Turret reason: it’s ridiculously expensive
    5. Pursuit reason: It is great for crowd control but it have no hidden detention and bad targeting
    4. Engineer reason: it’s good on all stages but it’s bad because sentries no hidden detection and no buff
    3. Gold mini reason: it’s great for late game and no place limit but the problem is it’s price
    2. Ranger reason: it’s used in hardcore and it does massive DPS and it does not have hidden detection
    1. Accel reason: even tho it needs to charge its laser is op and it literally turns enemies into ashes

  8. The ranger dismissed damage in the whole t d s history

  9. Dude what kills me is at 7:00 he says ranger has a spa cost ratio of 296 per one thousand spent instead of 2.96

  10. I would say pursuit kinda sucks because it is very unreliable because it lets the very speedy things by while focusing on a boss

  11. g green scout W fr 😂👌💯🗣️

  12. engineer should be a lil higher

  13. Why don’t you tell to sub in middle?

  14. Did they remove pursuit hidden detection at im pretty sure it had it at max

  15. Accelerator charge can be slightly helped by Sledger if you have it by its freeze ability works even better with commander max sledger and commander gives it a insane attack speed.

  16. One of a very few video that I can understand even with sound and subtitles turn off

  17. Sledger does 200+ dps at max lvl if u do the maths

  18. Prusuit can hit lead and ballon to bruh

  19. I swear to god smart gold scout is just ‘’YOU DIDNT HAVE TO TO CUT ME OFF’’🙏🏽

  20. If the engineer's sentry received a buff commander and dj:

  21. i think engi should be behind ranger or behind accel

  22. ranger with dj booth can have full map range if you place it on top of the vulprint bouilding in cyber city wich is insaen for speedy bosses and so much more💀

  23. Yk turret might be bad but don’t get me wrong, sometimes it helps a lot. It’s also used in most of the strategies. And in hardcore it’s pretty good for late game.

  24. There is no way u can win nuclear mode and badland whitout accel

  25. I think that they should bring back an old feature, on the old tower sentry there was a chance that a teddy bear would spawn on it, giving it hidden detection, or they can buff the engineers damage from 50 to 100 , so commander and dj would actually help it, and it would be better for hiddens and baloons

  26. I respect this guy for using frost ranger instead of the anime one, best frost skin, and looks swag

  27. I feel so good after aving for ranger and buying it rather than mini

  28. Well i tgink g mini needs to be higher than pursuit

  29. Ranger getting splash damage back and damage buff tomorrow. Guess ranger will be op as hell now.

  30. Pyromancer ia good for lategame cause of breakers

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