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There are plenty of powerful late game DPS towers, but which one is the best?

In this Tower Defense Simulator video, I rank every DPS tower from worst to best, looking into their values, max DPS, capabilities, and more.

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  1. we want a re-evaluation!!! >:(

  2. Do a video about underrated towers like golden soldier

  3. accel has 500 dps without commander tho, it currently deals 50 dmg per 0.1 seconds, so 500 dps WITHOUT COMMANDER

  4. I think mini is the best now though this was made 4 months ago but minis better now mini>accelerator

  5. but we need still need to remember when acc start atacking zombie he wont shot others when they go first so whan you solo acc and when boss spawns minions you are ded, I lose some fallens becouse of that

  6. can you make an updated version? after the mini and ranger rework

  7. engineer is quite a bit better than accel for a few reasons

  8. And the fact that turret have a big placement area gives a disadvantaged like if you were to put a tower close to it i honestly think during that they buffed the turret the placement limit should be around 12 and max dps of 2352 if 11 seems like a bad number in my opinion but 12 is decent not that high or low and have a high placement area and huge range makes up for it or just 10 turret with max 1960 dps

  9. I know engineer is good and all but just one problem it’s impossible to get if you don’t pay to win

  10. Try seeing the reworked ranger and mini gunner

  11. Pursuit = high damage but targetting the last thing you want to die

  12. My rating: overall it was EXTREMLY good bro, everything was right (almost), but i have 3 things i wanna say, 1st, the maximum of an tower you can play won't matter that much, because the higher the maximum is the more you need to spend on it to get it to maximum, so the turret and the engi should be ranked atleast 1 higher,2nd thing,the ranger can do very good damage to enemies with high health, but it struggles ALOT while dealing with breakers,if you spend too much on rangers and too ,ow ampunts into stuff that can handle breakers or crowds, you are basically dead,3rd, the accelorator is really expensive too, and if you play fallen or smth with alot of stuns and u dont have medic, you will do MUCH less damage because after the accelorators are free'd from being stunned they need a little bit of time to load their "laser canon" or idk what that is, done.
    Engi is sometimes overrated and sometimes underrated

  13. now would be a nice time to do another ranking of dps towers with the ranger, accelerator, and minigunner rework

  14. How dare you calling tf2 engineer the worst skin in the thumbnail

  15. Ranger is ALMOST FULLY IMMUNE TO STUNS. It's able to get stunned in Act 2 and 3 of this current event.

  16. We NEED an update to this list after the accel, ranger and mini rework

  17. Probs to this guy for doing all this math for a roblox game just to tell us what tower is good in certaint situations when he could be an accountant or smt

  18. you forgot that accel can only hit one target when its locked on

  19. The ranger upgraded, its highest level can do over 1k damage

  20. max ranger does 1.2k dmg per shot not 400 :/

  21. The best gold mini dps is level 3 after the buff and its jacked

  22. Assuming if we ignore the cooldown of accelerator and we only care about the dmg it does it would have have 462 dps and with commander buff it would have 1028 dps which is kinda cool considering in maxxed lvl we almost do not see the accel use cooldown anymore since the overcharge is 3000 its mostly why it has lower dps than the other towers but still have the greatest dmg

  23. Idk but raz said engi got her 4th sentry back but at max dps it's only 400 dps because war machine sentry damage became 9 instead of 12 but the missile deals 25 damage tho

  24. golden minigunner got buffed recently and its now able to damage lead enemies and can do alot more damage

  25. accel in your opinion every one knows that that is the best tower in da game

  26. Ranger today does 1k damage at max 😂

  27. 13 max wizards with all 4 maguc boost jas better dps than 4 turret

  28. I don’t know if enginer is better then accel but I think it’s engineer because it’s a early

  29. now max ranger literally does more than 1k dmg ngl

  30. Now max ranger does 1000+ DMG per shot 😂😂

  31. Sorry about how long it took for me to make this video, I was very busy with finals. But it's summer break now, so I should be back to my old upload schedule 🙂

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