Project: Tower Defense halloween 2020 (2022) -

Project: Tower Defense halloween 2020 (2022)

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basicly rngmaster

join my discord: (if u join u are really cool)


  1. only real ogs remember when he first came out…

  2. I beat this while 20(21 or 20 i cant remember) when ringmaster was not nerfed yet. He had 3m hp and faster cd (abilities). Then he got nerf #1 now he is 2.75m then nerf #2 even less hp 2.5m and last nerf made his abilities MUCH less stronger and bigger cd.

  3. ik im late, but does anyone know what the music that plays at 52:40 is called

  4. The boss cutscene sounds like the figure from doors

  5. How do you have the Christmas skins and drones

  6. How can u make 1 hour video show me please cuz when I upload it said only 15 minute

  7. For the guys who thinking its halloween 2022,its a halloween 2021 but back

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