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Pokemon Tower Defense is BACK in 2021! (Updated 2022) | 7

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Adobe Flash Projector –
PTD 1 –
PTD 1 (alt link) –
PTD 2 –
PokeCenter Site –

PTD Revival Discord –
Official PTD Discord (unrelated) –

00:00 Cutscene
0:44 Introduction
1:23 What will we need?
1:34 Adobe Flash Projector
1:51 Game Files
2:30 PTD 1
4:18 PTD 2
5:30 PTD 1 Regional
5:48 PokeCenter Site
7:00 Final Words
7:35 Outro

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Pokémon Tower Defense 1 & 2

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  1. Once I start the game it has audio but I am staring at a black screen. Do you know how I can fix this?

  2. When I boot them up, all I see is a black screen. The games work for the most-part, otherwise.

  3. So i have beat these 2 games. Is there a way to play Pokemon Tower Defense 3 Legacy?

  4. mine's just sitting with "Retrieving your Porfile…. Please Wait"

  5. i need some help and i dont have discord. Anyway you can contact me?

  6. I already have everything download but when I tried to make an Account it tells me that is retrieving your profile and is just stuck in there. What do I do ?

  7. i cant play in computer why i need buy adobe flash

  8. It's too bad that I can't seem to get the old rod item to work in this. RIP catchable magikarp

  9. is there a seperate pokemon center for ptd2 or is it the same for both 1 and 2? I am having trouble logging in you see. I am sure It's the correct login information but it says it doesn't mach their records…

  10. Thank you dude i really loved this game back then 🙂

  11. can i play without adobe flash projector?

  12. how can i create an account


  14. How or where can i download the hacked version?

  15. mine is stuck on the retrieving profile screen what do i do?

  16. Well, the Adobe Flash Projector link opens a page where it says the Adobe Flash Player endend and no download button is shown there… Idk what to do, maybe I should download the game I want directly considering my PC already has the Adobe Flash Player? That's what I'll try

  17. Is the site for this still being worked on? It looks like the discord links may no longer be active.

  18. I get a blank white screen when I try and load the game what should I do?

  19. El juego tambien se puede descargar en celular?

  20. I can’t get Pokémon tower defense 2 working what should I do?

  21. Hello, so for some reason whenever I load the game on the flash game reader it does not open and no page opens. whereas when I open it otherwise it opens from adobe reader and shows cant open. What should I do?

  22. thanks god, finally it came back, im so happy

  23. I cant instal the projector ter is someting i can do?

  24. myusername and login aint
    edit:This is on pokecenter

  25. I love you my friend. Thanks for doing this for the community. Unfortunately, I don't use PC, only android. So I will be missing out the fun, also it is sad that all the old data will never be recovered, I had spent a good amount of time in those saves.

  26. THANKYOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!! it worked💗💗💗🤌🤌

  27. thank you so much :') i can now relive my childhood memories

  28. I got the projector to download, and I downloaded PTD1 from the alt link cause I couldn't get the other links to load, but when I run the game it gets stuck on the retrieving profile page. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.

  29. sin querer le di alogin y no me carga mas alla de eso

  30. Hey I am stuck on retrieving profile what do I do

  31. the server sent a faulty response. this is due to either the server has reached it's capacity limit. server code errors or you don't have internet'' it said that, i have tried to redownload all the game, how to fix?

  32. i cant seem to access the ptd 2 link what can i do?

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