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  1. how you gain this game? now i remebre it and want to play it again.

  2. I played this game from 7th grade to mid-college before Adobe took it all away from me. If I download this, then I can only hope I can access my saved data.

  3. how can i playing this masterpiece again??

  4. Already can tell this is gonna be a great video I miss playing this back in school

  5. I used to play this all the time when I was younger, tried looking for it a few years ago and couldn't find it anywhere, Im happy it still exists, this was fire as a kid

  6. ohboy this was my definition of shunting back in the flash days haha

  7. I played that game a long time ago and for some reason I confused it with PokeMMO, lol.

  8. If you level up Pidgey it will take out the bug types no problem, and if you use bubble on Squirtle and have it target "fastest" it should focus those fast Pikachus and have a chance to slow them down, maybe set Pidgey to hit the slowest, so that it doesn't gust a Pikachu for not very effective damage, I'd be surprised if a slowed Pikachu is not still faster than a metapod

  9. The links are PokeMMO, not Pokemon Tower Defense. GIVE US THE LINK.

  10. Hello friends I started playing this game in my android phone it run smoothly but it sometimes kicks me out the game entirely so can someone help fix it ?

  11. You could afk grind some previous levels for pokeyen and level ups just a tip as that’s what I’ve done before

  12. Goated game , nostilsgis. Sucks losing my account

  13. You REALLY deserve so much more subscribers!

  14. You should try out Emerald Rogue. It's an Emerald Romhack which turns Pokémon into a roguelite experience. It's very difficult and really enjoyable.

  15. I killed my first shiny on 4x Speed 🙁

  16. Just as fun as I remember it to be. I was addicted as a little boy.

  17. I didn't pay attention much back then because it's looked like random texts, I legit ignored the targeting options from whole PTD1,2 and legacy that could have saved me all the troubles!

  18. I've always loved Pokemon, but I never knew they could be so much fun in defense mode! I played Pokemon Tower Defense and was blown away by the amazing gameplay and spectacular challenges. I became a real fan since I started playing!

  19. caught your blue shuckle in
    PTD 2 :))

  20. Your links in the description only show us the MMO, we want to play Tower Defense. Is there any way to play? Please provide the link

  21. I love this game, and I used to play it so much! I've been wanting to get it again recently. The only problem is, that in the description there are only links to pokemon mmo… Can I somehow access it through that?

  22. I got a response from the server …reading the server response please wait have to sleep

  23. Some days as a kid this was the only thing I thought about lol. Such a great idea

  24. His ass is not defending the tower! 🗣️🗣️🗣️

    1. Not switching to special moves like Bubbles against Harden Metapod and Kakuna

    2. Getting Metapod without evolving a Caterpie with Bug Bite (has to cancel evolution and get to level 8 or 9 if I recall, same with Weedle I think)

    3. Not looking for possibly one of the best Pokémon for the early game, Pikachu in Veridian Forest (to be fair it is difficult to get one)

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