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POKEMON TOWER DEFENSE!? – Flash Player Games

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Today we play pokemon tower defense!
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  1. Ohhh your my best friend in a world we must defend!

  2. It’s both fun and hard to get shiny Pokémon in this game cause of needing the hp to be red to catch it right before it faints

  3. I remember Pokémon tower defense back then when I played it

  4. i started watching you when you were doing flash player games like swords and sandals. it was a good while ago feels good to have seen you grow.

  5. I remember the times I would play this but never win

  6. I remember playing this in middle school. xD

  7. I just noticed this is jerome ace not jerome asf

  8. Can u do this again please please please please

  9. if you do more than i will subscribe to you

  10. i found a shiny weedle on that viridian forest level

  11. Jerome: I already caught a pokeball! I don't need lessons!
    Me: How does he catch a pokeball????????

  12. I love how he thought kaduna was pikachu

  13. Jerome that was not a Pikachu it was a kakuna

  14. If you see blue heal it means its a boss and you cant catch boss pokemon

  15. If you dont want to have weedle you can release it

  16. The first image of pokemon tower defenses on google is the thumbnail

  17. My god you got a lot easier version, I'm over here level 20's rolling and I still cant beat brock

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