Playing The BEST Upcoming Anime Tower Defense Games! -

Playing The BEST Upcoming Anime Tower Defense Games!

Moz King
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  1. Could anyone send me the link to the games?

  2. I dont want a game like anime adventures, I want anime adventures😢

  3. agree with everything fr beides anime reborn should be in very good but i like the humbleness

  4. i cant stand anime adventure knock-offs any longer. im waiting for final fates to come out. they are different atleast.

  5. aa comes back
    and everyone lives happily ever after (game fam should realise what they've done is a bad choice)

  6. So many more projects releasing!!! A few have already released, most were overhyped but I'm looking forward to the next ones!

  7. Yo Moz king, what wouldhappen if anime adventure,anime reborn,anime defender,anime odyssey and Total Tower Defense work all together to create 1 big anime adventure game instead of making 1000, it would be even crazier if the rell bros and other game creater like Blockzone helped as well. That would mean the biggest,best and craziest anime game on Roblox would be coming…😮

  8. Pls release anime reborn every other game is not that grindy

  9. Moz king Js saying but the whole point of half of the td games is them trying to bring back Aa especially the design that’s why half of those games look like AA

  10. The thumbnail he trolling Bruh tf anime clash at the top 😂

  11. Me just miss read the rengoku name i read it rengagu

  12. The first game is litearly just Anime BTD6

  13. Anime Crossover is like blooms Tower Defence

  14. I think anime crossover would be fire if they had enough funding

  15. You can tell he's not really deving hes just giving money and %. He didnt really know what he is talking about when it was about the actual deving part of his game, but I have high hopes for you and ur game.

  16. anime blitz is so good im a tester yall should defo join the discord

  17. Defenders is goat categories anime reborn is atleast mid so far

  18. Respect for keeping it honest with your own game and keeping a minimum bias. Can’t wait what you see to do with your own game 🙏🙏

  19. Can't wait for them good games to come out I miss anime adventure

  20. Where is toilet tower defense?😭 best game fr

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