Playing Fake Tower Defense Simulator Games! -

Playing Fake Tower Defense Simulator Games!

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My channel got hacked recently (fun) 🙁

Discord server :

Scratch website link (search tower defense simulator ) :

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  1. By the way these games are actually very well made

  2. oh hey its scratch, i have an account there.

  3. Im early because I stalk your acc

  4. before I also check some fake td games in scratch I wanna see what 8 year old me did

  5. NANI u got hacked?!?!? press f to pray respect for ZAMBIE's channel

  6. If i trick you,you Will need to pin me

    Read more

  7. I use scratch to make a tds story thing that is not done yet that I will not upload to yt cuz am too lazy to animate lol

  8. good news: zambie's account is no longer hacked!

  9. last game is a copy of an extremely old game called AIA Tower Defense

  10. The last one basically almost like dartling gunner but just point at enemy to aim

  11. I didn’t know scratch had that much td games. And those were not that bad

  12. i actually use scratch because im poop at coding :d

  13. No wonder they confused me with you because I called myself a zombie and they told me a copy and I didn't even know who I was

  14. I played the first fake TDS game 2 months ago or 3

  15. Hey Zambie! Nice video bro! 🙂
    (BTW sorry that you got hacked)

  16. Fallen King (also Simps for umbra now) says:

    I like the teme is like progress work

  17. Man i wish he saw my fan tower defense game
    (Its called a random guy's tower defense,
    ARGTD for short)

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