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Intro:- Wataboi – carefree
Outro:- Home- Come back Down (INSTRUMENTAL)
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Tower Defense Simulator OST – Solar Eclipse Lobby
3kilksphilip – In The Face – Ravein
3kilksphilip – In The Face – Jimmy 2
Ratchet & Clank: Tools Of Destruction – Kerwan – Metropolis

0:00 Intro
0:27 Noob
6:28 Spammer
10:26 Meleer
10:31 Outro

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  1. i went through hell and back to get this video into a finished state ( video issues, audio issues, etc)through pure stubborness i managed to finish this video, although in 2 weeks rather 2 days.Thank you all for your patience, hopefully i can pick up the pace soon.BACKGROUND MUSIC:Tower Defense Simulator OST – Solar Eclipse Lobby3kilksphilip – In The Face – Ravein3kilksphilip – In The Face – Jimmy 2 Ratchet & Clank: Tools Of Destruction – Kerwan – MetropolisTHE PROFESSOR GAMING COLLECTION 2022:https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL48MTHSa7_9pLQTWr_IPB0k2fk3csYmAe

  2. u earned my sub cause ur so entertaining

  3. Spammer bone crusher can shred veteran early game

  4. I am a person that commented on this video I saw on some random search on pixel tower defense,you are lucky that I found this for some reason

  5. Meleer with a sword Is kinda underrated not gonna lie but he does have 1 issue it's the fire rate (swing rate) it's pretty bad until max level and how pricy it is to place him with a sword also kills it so he's mostly good for mid-game

  6. btw the pro and kill stealer with rapid fire rifle is a combo that i never seen anyone use it and its really good thats if you remember skills

  7. So poison darts still good with noob after the poison effect nerf? (Secret nerf btw, look at discord)

  8. I use noob bone crusher as stun bait when I gring general mode maps

  9. lam playing pixel gun tower defense only pro and hitman the best love and don't proget sniper leser

  10. Bro I use meleer and golden friend and it’s great combo with insane range decent dmg and good hidden detection

  11. YEA BABY! That's wat I've been waiting for!

  12. spammer+ultimatum wont work cause ultimatum is a reload based weapon, while spammer is a firerate character. for me its on viable tier in case you wanna upgrade the damage, but you can just put a few noobs with ultimatum without any upgrades for early game
    pretty good video, aside from some inaccuracy

  13. Spammer bone crusher can shred veteran early game

  14. For those wondering, meleer's combo would be the same as noob's because he's just a more expensive noob with a knife

  15. Spammer can give (some) weapons an increase in ammo by x2 the only thing holding this gimmick back is that some good weapons with it like proto or snipers just dont have an ammo upgrade and some of the weapons that can benefit from it just dont do much compared to putting the same weapon on another character

  16. Great I already bought meeler on my alt

  17. What's the best weapon for lag switcher??? And kill stealer¿???

  18. So, somewhere in 9th july 2022, zake [owner] joined a server and i somehow joined that server, there was a lot of talking, once someone said: "zake what is best combination", zake responded with: "exploiter with electromagnetic cannon"

  19. The Meleer (Knifer in the latest update) is actually really good at early game and stealths in veteran mode, you are underestimating his potential

    Edit: I forgot something about the Knifer. At max level, he can FUCKING BREAKS UNSTABLE MATTER'S SHIELDS AT A VERY CHEAP PRICE!!

  20. Spammer with automatic peace maker is very op for recruit and it gets to max skill level faster

  21. Bruh put sword in must-have for spammer man, it's incredible for early to mid game in recruit mode.
    Also you're underestimating the Meleer (Knifer), it's great for stealths in general.

  22. Profile02 on his way to insult meleer even tho he hot a recent buff that made him really good (better than spammer and noob in my opinion) so yea now im sad wanted to see meleer combos

  23. exploiter+grenade launcher = 1000 dmg/s when maxed

  24. sword+spammer=a really great combo

  25. grinder has a lot of options

    electromagnetic cannon
    mountain wolf
    special forces rifle

    and probably more

  26. if you make a part 2 (which you probably wont) mind including exploiter?

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