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Perks | Critical Tower Defense

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i hate editing


  1. its very easy with 3 players all you gotta do is spam level 4 scouts and at wave 18-20 you max them and spam more

  2. I love how u said scoot instead is saying scout

  3. Why tf is when I'm doing scout of spooks with some dudes who had scout of the spook
    A big guy that has 13000 spawned

  4. Go to the very first frame of the video and you get funny among us prize for free B)

  5. Wdym I got scout when I first joined in this new Halloween update bruh

  6. why it show rickroll for 1 nano second

  7. extra facts:
    1. candy corn is only gotten after level 2 for bandit.
    2. pumpkin bombs are gained after level 3, and are very good for bomber since he does 2x damage to burned enemies!
    3. scout's attack rate will be nerfed with a 2x slower firerate while having Scout Of The Spooks…

  8. Also how much damage does spook do and I’m talking about the ghost

  9. now.. all I have to do is somehow get 9 levels before these get removed

  10. Fun fact for the candy corn one you don't need to be that lv you just need to find the portal, atleast that's what I did.

  11. AY YO I SAW RICK ROLL BRO ITS 0:00 guys stop the video if you want to see it

  12. i like how the first frame of the video is rickroll

  13. likee me
    at the start of the vid you get rickroll lol

  14. When you we're showing this ghost perk i seen hot rash
    What is he doing here huh?! He's from HOURS!

  15. in 2021 year on black ordeal was many players, now NO 1 no have

  16. I will beg the devs for scout because I am a maniac

  17. on 0;00 there rickroll but you need to stop video then press 0 if you on pc

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