(OUTDATED) The New Fastest Way To Get Coins SOLO! | 6,800+ COINS PER HOUR (Tower Defense Simulator) - fantasy-defense.com

(OUTDATED) The New Fastest Way To Get Coins SOLO! | 6,800+ COINS PER HOUR (Tower Defense Simulator)

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I found the fastest and easiest way to grind coins, and in this video I showcase how you can do it to! Enjoy up to 6,800 coins per hour, using only 2 towers and playing solo 🙂

Strat doc:

Witherstars video:
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  1. the first time a youtuber made a strat document himself?? (i was using a notepad writing down what to do with most strategies)

  2. Did you know a level 1 farm is better than 2 farms?

  3. how is it outdated if it was posted 15 hours ago

  4. ? i only get 267 coins. Can you tell me how to fix that?

  5. people who saw the "I paused my tds to be here" shirt and bought it

  6. Devs watching this video after patching it: Interesting….☕

  7. devs be on the lookout with this one

  8. Only been out for 15 hours and already outdated how

  9. They fixed I think, I do the strat and the game give me only 267 Coins

  10. Well actually u get 6,766.91729323308 coins per hour 🤓

  11. i thought i click in not like us with the intro

  12. So right now how many coins do you get after Wave 20?

  13. When I died on wave 20 I got 287 coins

  14. Corso's scream at the end probably heard by the devs and they immediately fixed it.

  15. How this getting outdated in less then a day

  16. Hi i got to wave to 20 and i got 250-280 coins

  17. This doesn’t give 600 coins it gives 267

  18. It doesn’t work i just did it and at wave 20 i only got 267 coins

  19. this is the most fastest time a strat gets outdated lol

  20. i hate when they take something good from us

  21. idk why it gives 267 coins by dying at wave 20

    Edit: just read the coment Corso left :/

  22. -place 3 level 0 shotgunners at entrance, 1 farthest targeting

    -get level 0 farm before wave 3 starts

    -upgrade farm to level 2 before wave 4 starts

    -place another level 0 shotgunner at entrance

    -get level 0 farm before wave 5 starts

    -upgrade farm to level 2 before wave 6 starts

    -get 2 more level 0 shotgunners

    -get level 1 farm before wave 7 starts

    -upgrade farm to level2

    -get level 2 farm before wave 8 starts

    -Start upgrading all shotgunners to level 2, one by one.

    Sell all farms on wave 14 and spam shotgunner

    -Spam level 2 shotgunners along the track until wave 18

    -once breakers stop spawning in, sell all your shotgunners

    -Spam skip

    -die on wave 20

  23. This wasnt out even for a day and is outdated 😭

  24. This is even better than my usual farming grind for coins, thanks for showing us of grinding coins bro

    Btw congrats on 100k subs bro, you really deserved it.

  25. I dont understand how you do it the scout robots hp is too much

  26. this was 19 hours ago how is it already outdated 😭

  27. bro it got fixed ı do it too but rn ıdk it work

  28. They fixed getting 600 coins at wave 20 already, 4 hours after this video released…. quickest any of my videos have gotten outdated lol

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