Opening 60+ Lucky Capsules But... | Capsule Farming | Roblox All Star Tower Defense -

Opening 60+ Lucky Capsules But… | Capsule Farming | Roblox All Star Tower Defense

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Roblox All Star Tower Defense: Opening 60+ Lucky Capsules But…, Capsule Farming. (Carrying my ALT Accounts in Dungeon.)
💨Dungeon Event
💨Lucky Capsule
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  1. this guy rlly leveled up his capsule thinking it was gonna boost his luck lmao

  2. Ace you really the only youtuber that makes into ASTD so thanks ! And its cuz most yters make showcases and not game play so thanks

  3. Wait during a dungeon. How do we get the reward? Like the character? Does everyone have a chance or is it like most damage done or something?

  4. yo ace tryna run lb if you got madara, mihawk, speed wagon, bulma max?

  5. Ace how did u get more than one alt to play with?

  6. the part where there is 2 legendary and 1 epic and 1 common and got common is the most saddest thing

  7. in all my months since release of capsules im yet to get epic or legend and i opened a lot. rly bad luck lolololol

  8. Buying capsule in robux is a waste of money men

  9. Bro I regret sleeping 4 am I missed the dungeon

  10. I think astd is gettong p2win lile pet sim x lol nice vid

  11. can you make farm damage with trade enable units ( without Ryuk )

  12. Capsule units value will gonna drop more bc of this XD

  13. I dmed u on discord and you actually replied

  14. Just wondering like how am I supposed to get noticed by people should I just post quite a lot of YouTube videos and hope for the best?

  15. Awesome vid and im really happy you inspired me to play and start astd and i almost quit but then I remembered your videos and I didn’t quit and now i just got speed wagon i really just want to let you know that your a awesome tuber and keep up the excellent work

  16. i spinned daily spin and got lucky capsule then i got bright reaper

  17. hi bro i just subbed to u ur cotent is good tbh road to 100k gl

  18. Oh come on why do dungeons always happen when im sleeping

  19. Add a mf pity to the capsules 💀
    This is a great example of how unlucky you can be
    Imagine spenting like 5k robux for 80 capsules just to not get anything good

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