Only Site Guard and Support XK Class SCP Tower Defense Roblox -

Only Site Guard and Support XK Class SCP Tower Defense Roblox

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Only Site Guard and Support SCP Tower Defense Roblox

Scrolling through on Roblox and saw SCP Tower defense and wanted to make a video! I find this game to be very fun and I really like the coffee machine XD. If you haven’t played it yet GO PLAY NOW :). I hope everyone is having a wonderful day and take care!

SCP Tower Defense –


Outro song : Future Speak – guestroom.

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  1. The site gruads be like:dis is normal

    The scps:HELPPP

    Scp999:meow wait am I a monster again?

  2. im already tested him before xk class buffed update, hes absolute maniac at spamming

  3. I cant even do this strat cause it crashes my game lol😊

  4. Hey can you make a Wanderer’s library video that doesn’t use anything in events, even gadgets? I know Blood of Red Lake is op but I just can’t play much.

  5. Luvyacoffee is wanderer good or bad now?

  6. Hey luvyacoffee why don’t you use the coffee machine skin?

  7. Also heres a video idea:pretend your new in scp tds and if somone helps you say to them your a youtuber then join on ur main account

  8. evolved site guard is a lag machine, prove me wrong

  9. Me and my friend are stuck on true red lake, how do you solo


    05 COUNCIL



  11. A idea for video can be Puritan badge whit op troops (more easily),because now its impossible make it whit the new changes

  12. The owner of scp td has recently made a new tower defense game, it’s on the group

  13. hey luvyacoffee can we play some time u know? (username: bruhguy2back)

  14. When site guard becomes a destroyer guard:
    Also srry i was on another vacation e.

  15. I feel like ci turncoat is a support just becuase of how trash dmg it has

  16. I found a glich if u put scp 343 down then when he uses his lighting stun thing then sell it it keeps them still

  17. Btw Coffee what should i buy first
    Duster with evol. or Site Guard evol?

  18. I made a similar video, not advertising but coffee if you wanna see it its kind of the same please comment it’d mean the world.

  19. I remember the time I solo medium with village duster and hammer down😢 good times

  20. first video that i watched from you was the solo true red lake and from then i love the intro idk why lol

  21. Meanwhile my reaction after buying goc and realizing i could Evolve my site guard and solo xk class:

  22. please
    i need a 10 hour loop of that intro

  23. Coffee can you help me on wanderers library please 🙏 if so my username is @JudeMS24 Display 05_Council

  24. 1 reason the site guard from intro have no clothes: The scp foundation didn’t have enough clothes lol

  25. The way i solod red lake:


  26. 8:21. That one naked site gaurd when day breaks. This is fine

  27. The Waffle House has found it’s new host

  28. I tried xk with site evolved and i lost at scp 2521 wave

  29. My only is this now doable? If so then it's perfect for me

  30. that one site guard got me like: ayo where yo clothes at

  31. canonically in the scpverse
    site guards are only to contain dclass
    and mtf contains scp some assigned to certain ones like the fire eaters with 165. 262. 968. 2340. 3205 and 4111

  32. Coffee, Thank you so much for this strat, thanks to you I was finally able to defeat Xk-class. I was on the same map as you and I used Evolved site guard, normal hammer down(not the evolved one), coffee machine, and scp-999. For my gadgets, I only used missile barrage as that was the only thing I have unlocked.

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